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  1. I painting a car at this time.I did use cellulose paint at fist but not that good (you have to be 100% spot on. So now have used k2 paint so much more forgiving if you get a run just flattened out Did have bits in the paint (being painted in a small garage at the side of my house)but flattened out and nice a shiny (not a £3/4000 job but for £200 not bad at all) It’s all about preparing the body
  2. Just been reading about removing the rid ring from the petrol tank.You can make a tool to remove it So what is the best or any home made tool you have made
  3. You can make one,flat bit of metal thar fits into the ribs then bend over to fit the rid ring ,fit a large nut bolt in the middle then undo the rib ring they are not that tight
  4. What was your first car What year was it How much did you pay My first car was a cortina mr 1 1966 in green 1500 cc Got it in 1975 for £25.00 ( 3 weeks wage) Love,hate thing
  5. So good when you get it to how you what it.happy motoring
  6. You see a lot of posts about HAD A BAD DAY. So l though why don’t you post about a good day you had The corrado running sweet,found some things you thought you lost ect Let’s have a good news day
  7. Have been on BMW club runs in the past,Very surprise how quick around bends they go.Have 2 mates with 1200 gs
  8. Hope everyone had a good Easter what ever you where doing Sorry have had some beer
  9. Hope everyone had a good Ester whatever you where doing
  10. Unless it eBay have not got a clue ( Very good friend of mine has a computer shop)so go to him and say broke
  11. Have been using the bandit( as the corrado is sold) so what motorcycles have people got. I have my 1200 bandit since 03/2005.only covered 12,000 in that time, so what motorcycle do you have.how long have you had it,when did I you pass your test.how much insurance do you pay (only if you wish to tell)l pay £77.00 a year fully comp.A 20 year old bandit that has covered 24,800 miles
  12. Been the pub today very nice beer and food.we walked about 3 miles there and 3 miles back.Had a very nice day
  13. To keep this site going with new posts,This is mine,this weekend l going to the pud a lot,drink a lot of beer and eat lots of unhealthy food, What are your plans
  14. Did not go to Facebook for correct information.the information on here is going to be more accurate, Have now sold my Corrado no time to run it.Whoud have sat there and faded away
  15. I have a few railway bridges by me which get hit by anything as one bridge is down to one track
  16. I always placed a magnet onto the oil filter so any small bit on metal sticks to the magnet.Dont know if it works but makes me feel better
  17. I do apologise l though you where referring to me.
  18. That’s not nice as l don’t have a corrado now.so don’t need any kind of cover
  19. So you can make a cover to fit a corrado (or any car) probably and will not scratch or damage the paint,
  20. Hi and welcome,lhave just sold my corrado,but still come on to come on here a look what is going on
  21. This page has had over 500 hits but only 35 reply’s but 35 replays is not bad,if you view this page post on it put your point of view
  22. My mate has garage that dos bodywork but he is Liverpool,You will have to ring him and have a word to see if will do it.As the garage is always chockablock with work,If you what the phone number let me know
  23. Have seen some really poor advice on Facebook.Some people think that have a road wheel at a strange angle is really cool,looks like it has a bent axle
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