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  1. I've had a look on ebay could not find any. Its also my hall sender has completely broken up. Thanks anyway.
  2. I have finally got round to contacting John Mitchell. who is sort some stuff out on my car but I need a distributor for my vr6. Does anybody have or know of one for sale? Also I am now looking at getting another Corrado shell and doing a 20vt conversion as i have a seat Leon cupra sitting on my parents drive doing nothing. Does anyone know what are the legal procedures for getting a conversion on the road?
  3. :)Cheers man.where about is he? Sorry just found him on here. In west sussex. Thanks g60podd.
  4. Is there any body in my area? :(
  5. I'm in crawley. West Sussex.
  6. Sorry guys. I'm in crawley.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the site. Just got a VR6 and looking for some good advise. Had one about 15 years ago and wish i never sold it. So happy to have one again. Was hoping there might be some one in my area who could come look at the car and give me some advise.
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