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  1. The membranes are the usual thing Carl... Mine used to leak because they had rotted away. Hope the Corrado is going well!
  2. That is amazing! this gives a good idea too, same videos overlapped i think,
  3. There are 4 Corrados that i know of in Brisbane actually mate!! 3 of them are owned by the same guy, G60JAY on here and another G60 came over about 2 years ago...
  4. Toyota Land Cruiser all the way :notworthy: , they're unbreakable, and thats coming from a country where every second car is a 4x4, and they get used for what they're designed for here
  5. Carpoid aka Matt Is allergic to Nuts, but not 100% sure which ones, definately Peanuts but not sure about the others :eek: Has never been in a Corrado VR6, as a passenger or driver :mad2: Is obsessed with and colects Vinyl Mo Wax records, for the Futura artwork just as much as the music (DJ Shadow/Krush etc) :notworthy:
  6. I hear you, but, its an Audi. Audi have the S3, VW have the Golf R. Audi have the S4, VW have the Passat R36. Audi have the TT, VW have the Scirocco. Whats to say that the Scirocco won't be improved and be rebadged as a Corrado when VW are confident enough that it lives up the name? It may never happen, but i wouldn't rule it out all together.
  7. I think if they were to make a Corrado badged coupe then it would be an evolution of the Sciricco, just like in the early 90's, so theres no point in ruling the possibility out altogether just because the Scirocco is in production. The thing is, the Corrado name/image as far as i can see was never looked down on or seen as a disappointment. Yeah it was a sales flop, at 20000 pounds + back then it was bloody expensive, and seeing as you could have a Golf with a VR6 engine which was a few thoasand less and more practical... In my opinion the Corrado was much more respected than the Scirocco, and still is to this day. So it's got more to live up to, maybe when people are bored with the Scirocco and VW release a much better looking and better performing coupe (with AWD) then people will be queing up to trade in their old roccos for one?
  8. With some tweaking here and there this could look OK. http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2010/02/de ... -from.html
  9. I kind of agree woth VR6 ^ BUT, all mods are reversable i reckon - you can always 'mod' it back to standard. AND, if you want opinions heres mine - Grommet the rear wiper hole. I colour coded my handles and thought it looked good, can't stand the look of Audi handles. Aren't SLC bumper indicators not actually indicators, but just side marker lights that don't wink? Get rid of them all together if you don't like them i say, i got rid of mine. Don't see the point in the vent myself, and i quite like the badges. So there.
  10. :hitler: Imported Photos 00245.JPG[/attachment:1m3qv9yj]
  11. ARZ Tuning sell it too, but its around 90 pounds there so may as well get it from VW http://www.arz-tuning.de/shop/advanced_ ... ening+foam
  12. Thanks for doing that to the pic mate, looks loads better!
  13. You may be suprise how cold it can get here, we get frosty mornings and very light snow at times! Only chilly for a couple of months though so i probably won't need them much!! Very comfortable seats though. Cheers all.
  14. I looked at Mk5's, i really like them but they lack the character and uniqueness i think. They look too much like the Jetta from the front and other Golf models. Also they are too gadget filled for my liking and the interior plastic quality doesn't feel as good. And more importantly again, the Mk4 feels better to drive i think. Its shocking how quickly the Mk5 prices dropped in Australia, some are not much more than a decent Mk4.
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