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  1. Hi all I have an issue with my brakes. It’s as if I have to pump them twice to get the required braking needed. First push of the pedal it just feels soft, and then second time as if they have been bled and brand new. Any ideas? Appreciate any help.
  2. Hi fender I cannot see any pipes going to my door handle. Only seems to be an electronic connector. Confused!
  3. Hi all Thanks for your responses and apologies for the delayed response. I have now ordered all 3 mounts and just awaiting delivery - mooG60, I used the site that you recommended. Will give you guys an update as soon as they arrive and I fit them!
  4. Cheers Fender. could you advise how many engine mounts there are? Is there one at the front and one at the rear? and then a single gearbox mount too? Is this a job that can be undertaken at home on the drive?? Thanks again.
  5. Cheers fender Where can I get the oem mounts? I tried my local vw garage. They don’t have anything.
  6. My passenger door has recently stopped opening or locking when I unlock my drivers door with the key. I have taken the door apart and have seen that there is some sort of wiring plug loom and connector in the door? Any idea with what this is and how to solve my problem? It’s rather annoying!
  7. Hi all Does anyone know what that jerk could be? It’s as if it’s an engine or gearbox mount. I have searched for both mounts but there is so much variety out there I’m not sure what’s best to buy? Also does anyone have any location pictures of the mounts? I have to 2.9 16v engine. Any help would be very much appreciated
  8. I could really do with having a chat with someone with as much knowledge as you! It would be helpful for a newbie and dummy in the corrado world. I can remove the parts you have explained, my uncle is a mechanic but i need to know what im doing! lol
  9. Is there a list available of things to be able to do? Parts i would need to source etc? Im fairly new to all this so gets confusing for my little mechanic brain And what other options are there other than normally aspirated?
  10. I will give it a go on the weekend and update. O tell me about it! Really got on my nerves that did, however been planning to rip out the interior for sometime so i guess it has just forced my hand to start doing the repair work to the car!
  11. hi, i did this to a previous set i had on my old car. The solution i used which worked a treat was to get tiger seal in clear and use a bolt and set them in. It seems a cheating way but they are metal and give a very good look too when finished.
  12. Anyone got any ideas how to get a little more poke out of my 2.0 16v engine?
  13. If i put the key in the passangers door, its very stiff and is very hard to twist, and does pop back up if i manage to lock it with the key, i will have to strip both doors and see the issue. The car is currently in bits anyway as i had a darn leak come through the drivers side and fill the car up with 1inch of water front and back! looked under the scuttle panel and the weep holes were blocked with rubbish!!
  14. If i remember correctly, when i try and lock from passenger door nothing happens, doesnt even manually lock the passenger door, i have to physically push the stub down inside and then shut the door closed to lock it. Can the microswitch be changed in the door? I will strip the rear panels and have a look at the pump and take the front door cards off and look at the vac lines.
  15. If the boot lock is up and down it still doesnt look with the central locking from the drivers door. Where would this issue lie? Passenger and boot dont lock from drivers door, so surely there must be a common problem between the 2? Where is the system located for the central locking?
  16. I will get the door card off and see if there is a hole in the vacuum line. Where is the actuator for the central locking on this car placed? And i am not sure about the boot, hoping someone could advise on that too.
  17. Hi all, I have an issue on my central on my corrado. when i twist the key in the drivers door, it unlocks the drivers and passengers door not the boot? Is this normal? Also when i try and lock the car, the drivers door gets locked but the passengers one doesnt and i have to do that manually? Any ideas on what the issue could be with this? Has anyone experienced this before, and anyone know what i could do to fix this issue? Cheers in advance.
  18. Heated seats i have got and they work.. But if it was cruise why would it come out of the side of the dash clocks unit?? Its a weird connector that i dont feel has any relevance. My speedo lights arent working and thought it was something to do with that..but then i took bulbs out and need to find the replacements as the ones that were recommended are different to the ones in the actual unit.
  19. its coming out the side of the dash clocks? Not sure myself. Cant seem to find anywhere that the lead would go to..
  20. Can anyone tell me what this cable is for, and where/if it should be connected? Im quite confused, as i know my speedo lights arent working, however the MFA lights do work. http://s347.photobucket.com/user/mandipvirdi/media/20170822_181452_zpsygbdzrs7.jpg.html
  21. I dont think im up for an engine swap.. Wheres the best place to go to get this kind of work done? Costs? And what kind of output are we looking at? I also have an audi tt bam engine which is stage 2+ hence the reasoning behind no engine swap.
  22. Hi all I would like some help on engine upgrades for this engine im thinking about taking the plunge and doing some modifications. I have read about carbs and superchargers and turbos just need some advice. Not sure whether i am going to do anything yet. What are the best cheapest performance upgrades and i can go from there. Engine swap is out of the question i think. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  23. yeh i have an l reg 2.0 16v, so guessing i have the new style clocks then, and i have the red needles too. thanks for your help. Update you once ive fixed the lights!
  24. Thanks for that, will get them ordered.. im a bit of a corrado numpty, so what do the new style clocks look like?
  25. Absolutely brilliant write up!! I will definitely get my teeth stuck into that. Thanks. One more question, what bulbs do i need to buy? Could you post me a link please?
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