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  1. Welcome aboard mate. I'm in Davenport and work in Wythenshawe. I had loads of wter getting into the passenger footwell and it ended up being where an alarm fitter had drilled into the bulkhead. A bit of silicone later and it has been dry ever since.
  2. Is the sunroof the later model with the indentation for the motor to fit into, and do you have the motor? If so, how much posted to Manchester? Thanks
  3. Glad you got it sorted, and hope that was the cause of the trouble. Mine's had no trouble since reconnecting the plug. I think it was the alarm fitters who loosened the plug on mine, and eventually it just fell out. Mine was on the bottom row too, so it sounds like it was the same one. Good luck with it.
  4. I had that problem recently. Do all of the MFA functions work ok on your dashboard? Mine had all failed, including the temp gauge, and I later found that I'd dislodged a plug on the back of the fuse board while tracing an other fault. After I'd reconnected it and VAG-COMed it again, I had no MAF fault :D
  5. From what I've read, when you closed the sunshade, wind noise is reduced anyway. I ran mine briefly with a knackered headliner, and you got wind noise from the standard roof. It's suprising how much the liner mufles the sound. I think that the sliding mechanism is different in the passat, as it has no "arms" to lift the headliner. I was looking at a golf sunroof for parts, and they're different unfortunately. Out of interest, where did you get the sunroof, as I need on for mine, as it's knackered.
  6. If you do that you'll see the inside of the metal panel, as the passat roof doesn't have the sunroof headliner that the corrado does. Also the passat mechanism won't lift the sunroof headliner. As the passat sunroof has a sliding sunshade, I don't think there'd be room for your headliner to fit in as well, might be wrong there though...
  7. Sorry for the delay answering. Yes that's the price I paid for mine too :cuckoo: If your local branch is like mine, then the are running a promotion at the moment, where you can get a 10% off card, well worth getting if you own a corrado!
  8. The one I got from ECP recently was the wrong one, so I ended up getting one from GSF. After you've removed the 2 nuts, it should just come away from the bulkhead. Obviously you'll need to disconnect the brake lines to remove it completely :nuts: Might just need a bit of manoeuvring to get it out completely. Try tapping the bolts gently with a hammer from the inside of the car, just to get a bit of play in them, then the MC should come away from the bulkhead. Remember that it's probably been on for quite a while, so might have "seized" slightly, might just need a little persuasion to come off.
  9. Im in Swinton if that's any help mate
  10. Spotted a mystic blue storm on the M60 this morning, at about 11.00, reg E57 ORM (nice plate mate 8)) I was in the red VR the was having a bit of fun with you. Nice how the traffic moved from the outside lane for us :)
  11. I had similar trouble recently. Every time I tried to select reverse, I got 1st. Try giving the linkage (on the gearbox) a squirt or 2 of WD40, it worked for mine. You never know, it might be that easy for once.
  12. Spotted a dark coloured corrado 7.30 this evening going towards Worsley, on Worsley Rd from the East Lancs Rd. Didn't see year or flavour of it, was bit too dark.
  13. I think you'll have to get in the car via the boot, then switch the alarm off with the "touch contact"thingy. That should switch the alarm off, and then you can open the bonnet and charge/replace your battery. If your battery is completely flat, then the central locking won't work anyway, so that might be why your locks don't open. I think your alarm has its own battery in it, so that'll be why it's sounding. Good luck
  14. nick vr6

    door cards gap

    The door card should slot into the black plastic "bar" that runs across the bottom of the window. It looks as though your leather retrim is too thick to slot into the gap. You could try adjusting the angle of the black trim(by pressing it down, or lifting it up a bit) , and seeing if the door card will slot into it then.
  15. Manchester Car Audio are one to avoid. My 13 year old laserline packed up and they fitted a cobra 4138. One month down the line (yesterday) it packed up and tried to set itself on fire :shock: Guy came out to disconnect it,I had to go to garage to have a new one fitted, 3hours later i've still got no total closure. They're phoning me first thing this morning about getting it sorted out (it's 11.25 now!! and still not heard) Apart from the car nearly being set on fire, they've not done a good job of hiding the wiring, fitting the trim back together, and lost some of the screw covers. When the alarm had been fitted the interior was full of bits of wire, insulation tape, and other such rubbish.
  16. Check the fuses. I think it's no16, if that goes then the car starts for a second then cuts out.
  17. Mines the opposite mate, it unlocks the car but won't lock it. I gotta use the key to lock it, also total closure doesn't work :( My alarm's a laserline 996 also fitted in 95
  18. Gets stranger....the total closure now works when I lock, and hold the key, in the passenger lock. It wouldn't do anything yesterday. Drivers lock still only works central locking, not windows, and alarm still only unlocks the car, not locking it though. :cuckoo: :cuckoo: :cuckoo: Windows/roof still work fine on the switches inside the car. Is there a relay anywhere that works the total closure? If so where is it?
  19. No one able to help on this one? :shrug:
  20. The alarm is a laserline 996(Ithink). It has 4 separate fuses in it and they are all fine.
  21. Sunroof works fine on the switch, as do windows, it's just the total closure that doesn't work. If I lock the doors with the key, central locking works, but windows/roof don't close. Also the alarm doesn't lock the car or roll up the windows anymore, but it unlocks the doors :cuckoo:
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