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  1. If you take the wiring through the tweeters they will be active. The original wire goes in and back out to the door speakers. If you join the standard two connections together it will send the music straight to the door. I had mine setup with door speakers and factory tweeter and it was not nice. I then installed some 4in speakers in the dash and spliced into the wire feeding the dash speaker to join it to the door wire. Much better! However if I had audioscape I'd be temped to just remove dash speaker and join the two wires that connect to stock speaker. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. I don't normally throw much out but I made an exception on those Nokia tweeters a month or so back 😄
  3. Haha at least my pain is shared! I've posted up on club gti as well now and I'm thinking again to strip the brakes down and double check the pad ears are free to slide on the carrier. I cant quite remember as have done the mk3 and family cars brakes since but iirc the pad was tight on the carrier and perhaps not moving cleanly (or maybe it is too loose and slapping about). The family car (seat exeo) has a very similar set up with 312s and no noises but I did file the ears a little as they had lumps in (TRW pads). I may have applied too much ceramic grease- coated the ears and applied to the back of outer pad. Probably should have done a little less now reading up on it. It only happens in situations where brakes have been applied before hand. I wiggled the car and say 20mph side to side to check for noises and get nothing. 12-6 and 3-9 are perfect. I got my eldest daughter to rock the steering this eve whilst I viewed the wishbone bushes and they are fine/no real movement. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. FFS still does it. Transition from forward to reverse and steering lock to reverse up my mums drive - clonk. Thinking perhaps its the front wishbone bush as everything else is new. The wishbone had a r32 rear bush pressed in but otherwise looks to be original. Zero movement with pry bar. What is a good test to isolate front wishbone bush? Driving car a slow speed and rocking side to side doesn't replicate noise. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. Last update hopefully... solved... changed the driveshafts and it hasn't made the noise since. Original inner boots/joints and one sides outer looks original so they had done their time. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. Excellent news! If you had the centre caps on the G60 that picture could be straight out of a VW marketing brochure from back in the day 🙂. I know you've kept them off for safekeeping. Like the fold out plan to keep the heat off the interior and plastics - will that be in the space between garage and the house? Nice idea
  7. I haven't used it for this job but the steamer has been great at removing adhesive from DIY jobs around the house and also gets all the grime and factory wax out of the engine bay.
  8. MJA

    Ulez emissions

    Theoretically it is possible - change the engine for a Euro4 or better, ensure the catalytic converter is just as good as Euro4 or better. Notify the DVLA of engine change and also have an independent emssions rolling road test, not cheap apparently but can't find any info. https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/service/clean-vehicle-retrofit-accreditation-scheme/ Can I replace the engine in my car to become CAZ, LEZ or ULEZ compliant (engine re-power)? This is possible, however there are no CVRAS approved re-powers for cars. This kind of conversion would be a DVLA notifiable modification in terms of engine number and engine capacity, but it would not lead to a change in emission values as stated on the vehicle’s V5C document (logbook) unless an expensive full rolling road emissions test is conducted to obtain the new emission values. This test would need to be conducted at a Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approved test facility and cannot be conducted at an MOT test centre.
  9. Just changed the discs and pads on my daily - Seat Exeo 170 ps - noted it has 312 brakes and the caliper and carrier is identical in design to the 288s. Audi b7/Seat Exeo's from the era also came with 288 calipers so that's another place you could search to buy carriers/calipers
  10. ahhh gutted to see that. Some thinners on a rag should get the white marks out and a mobile dent man can hopefully do the rest. Otherwise there are smart repairs who could just paint what is needed. You're right about respray - paying out to get that done and having it damaged again would be soul destroying and may well prevent you from using the car. Even after a respray you may find you have issues like water leaks or whatever, tbh unless the car really needs full paint I would not recommend it on both cost, hassle and having something so perfect you might not use it. If your damage is just bumper corners I'd get a smart guy round to do it. If you need more than that I would just get the sides painted and the bumpers sorted. If doing the sides take a look at the sills (back, a-pillars behind wing) and get them back to metal and repaired. If its just door dings and that arch (post thinners) that need dents removing i'd get a dent man round and keep your paint - perhaps get it professionally mopped and polished and it will look almost as good as respray without the hassle and cost!
  11. Sadly that looks like it has gone for scrap/breaking. Not MOTd since 2009, 228k and rust reported on the subframe mounting areas would suggest curtains back in 2009 when their values were still quite low. Good luck in your search however.
  12. oh damn that is one very nice looking Corrado. Like the wheels a lot. Good luck with future endevours and hope to see you back one day!
  13. Interesting cheers Dox. I do have some spare lightly used Pagid pads I could swap. I am not sure what is in there and didn't recognise the brand when the garage got them in. I took the car out for a spin yesterday and no noises. Maybe the cermaic grease is doing something and it is/was the pads. Perhaps a case of use and monitor as it's driving OK. I just don't want to pay out to get a proper camber alignment (track is fine) if I have to remove the shock assembly again - anyone know if it is possible to remove the drive axle without moving the shock? I don't think it is possble? Perhaps by loosening the ball joint maybe? Rear ABS sensor played up yesterday again after reset so also have that to go and look at. Discs and rings are a few years old so hopefully just needs a clean rather than disassembly....
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