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  1. MJA

    K20 / K24 Engine Swap

    Anything is possible but not heard of it being done. There is a mk2 with K20 swap and assume you would need custom mounts and custom management. I also sawon youtube a 997 with a turbocharged K20 swap - the ultimate car without chocolate engine maybe?
  2. KW V3s are nice - I had a go in one recently and from the passenger seat it was comfortable, more so than I had expected. I've heard the V1s were harsh but never tried them out and could have been someone with large alloys added to the mix. N100 VSR last sold for £14850 https://glenmarch.com/auction-cars/show-backup-image/43601/results One point - I don't see how 9 stamps in the service book is anything to shout about... mine has 27 stamps :S £24k seems optimistic but I have noticed an improvement in prices again and this being low mileage will make people blindly buy as some sort of over riding indicator it's a great car, which this one probably is going by the condition report. Either way a rising tide lifts all boats and I hope the seller gets his estimate.
  3. Me too - thanks fen (ordered the yellow ones) as also struggled like you ger040 for hours with the same gear as you had the last time I did a repair.
  4. Nice look forward to continued updates. Caught the rad support in time. What's plans for the engine - looks to be coming out. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. Couple of things to try - you can put a relay 100 (or bridge the contacts) on location 67/167 and your fuel pump will run constantly on ignition. Take off the fuel line at the rail and you'll be able to easily see if you have fuel (you could do that anyway without changing the relay). However if it's been sat for 10 years it could be anything - immobiliser, crusted up injectors, no spark, wiring fault (mouse chewn).
  6. :) nice detail though What have you done about blocking the hole on the bumper? I'm tempted to do this myself as I think it spoils the lines. I have seen somewhere in the world that Corrados had purpose made caps but can't find the part number. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. I've got a Hornet Cat1 fitted and never had a false alarm or any other problems with it in 5 years of having it fitted. It has 2 immobilisers and total closure. To be honest I just took what was recommended to me by the alarm fitter. There were other options available at the time but I cant remember what they were. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. Extensive checking! What about the rotor arm on the distributor itself? On my mk2 16v I did similar checks with voltage etc but found the rotor arm was a touch loose so when it span it didn't hit the contacts in the cap. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. MJA

    Replacement key?

    I've got a bag full of the tumblers but wanting to keep the original keys if I can. I would just like a spare key really, everything is working fine but I can tell the key itself looks less sharp than it would have done so not ideal for copying. Cheers Crasher - TPS - I don't think they deal with the public? Good move though if I can get them to help me out. I will try my local dealer with the part no too.
  10. MJA

    G60 Newbie!

    Welcome and feel free to ask Qs lots of old hands on the forum and there are some how to guides in the tech section (you have to pay annual membership fee - £15 to access though)
  11. MJA

    Replacement key?

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get a replacement key? My key is worn and I only have 1 key. I am fairly certain it is the original key to the car so wondering if a key can be made to vin number? The factory immobiliser is also still present so new key needs coding too... Thanks Matt Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  12. MJA

    Ulez emissions

    I'm not really that clued up in the area but could it be with hybrids their ICE components never get to peak operating temperature around town, and they are also heavier vehicles, so when the ICE part is operated they are always at their most inefficient state and produce more VOCs in normal usage/test conditions? My understand is once an engine is warmed up and at peak efficiency it is pretty clean on balance. A lot of it has to be on usage though and as you say if people don't bother charging them then that is not going to help.
  13. MJA

    Facebook ccgb

    That is odd! I have seen your posts pop up and I can't imagine you'd be breaking any rules judging by what content you're posting here and there. Hmm. Have you tried Pete A and Jez?
  14. MJA

    Ulez emissions

    Now you say that, my understanding is also you pay to drive it. Still a crappy cost on top of everything else. I watched a documentary the other day on modern hybrids emitting more harmful emissions than diesel cars - a step backward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCti-qQFHTA I guess the push to "greener" cars has more to do with box ticking (capitalism, KPIs and media bites) than saving the planet. The WEF wants to us to do away with personal transport altogether and in towns and cities and that does mean getting rid of personal transport and motivating people to use public transport. Arguably, and taking my car enthusiast hat off, that is better for everyone in built up areas. However the application is broad a far; a 30 year old Corrado for example is going to be used in exactly the same way as a 40 year old classic car so should be licenced in such a way that they are treated the same in these ULEZ type zones imo.
  15. MJA

    Ulez emissions

    Well the extension for me was a reason to move a while ago. I used to live in Potters Bar which isn't in ULEZ but right on the edge of the proposed expansion. It is a shame the scheme doesn't take account of cars "living in" the zone and rather just blanket accounts for all old cars whether they are driving in from outside or living in. I don't agree with charging cars "living in" as it's dictating what you can and can't do and in reality those cars "living in" are used so infrequently it does not make a jot of difference to the environment other than increase revenues and control what people can and can't do. I moved to rural area and rarely see people. Bliss.
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