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  1. Hello there! Having recently lost my G60 I'm looking for another. A ballpark figure would be great.

    If you're looking to split I'd be interested in the engine and charger.

    Thank you.

  2. I'm really unsure of how much everything is worth? I've looked after it all so well and its brilliant condition, I'm going to soon make a full detailed list then would like offers. Thanks everyone for the positive messages. -Alex
  3. Its a brand new, Peloquin LS differential from Jabba Sport in its original box with the fitting kit
  4. I thought it makes up of the crumple zone of the front - its a strong piece of metal! please check for my listing in Corrado for sale, just put it on today!!
  5. Its like the wrap around clip you get with speakers, there slip over the plastic a create a female type nut, the screw you attach with, goes through the plastic but gets held by the metal part
  6. Its one of main structural parts of the front of the car, about 100cm long? I have one unused - powder coated in Black - it Looks Stunning! Ian Jemison, Bishopthorpe, York did the work, soon a lot of stuff will be on Here, York, UK for viewings
  7. I had mine fixed at British Airspace, by a friend! He installed nylon Bush set and new screws, For Sale, Unused Onhold project for years!!
  8. Get a Jabba Sport Induction Kit with heatshield, the noise of the air sucking in, is epic!! Or for cheap could you buy some rubber and cut to shape?
  9. I had a Volvo that the speedo intermittently stopped, a good bang on the top above dial with hand worked every time!!
  10. Its A long shot but a few years back, on my G60 when wanting power it faded, after many unsuccessful trips to VW specialist I decided to investigate: I found On the fuel Tank top cap where the pipes go into, inside the fuel tank the rubber hose that goes to the pump had a split so pressure wasn't there and leaking fuel back into tank. good Luck
  11. Loads of waterproof grease!!
  12. The G60 is epic, a few tweaks, & the instant, constant power through the whole range & the noise of air sucking through a greased cotton filter. Happy Days!
  13. Looks Excellent!! When I was in Vancouver & island I was looking out for Corrados a few years back. I like the rear middle brake light on the USA/Canada Spec.
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