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  1. Thanks again! Will try A/C engineering in Chertsey as they came up in a search from above and I’m in London (albeit the other side). I know it won’t be cheap but I’m planning on keeping the car indefinitely so might be worth the investment.
  2. Hi all, not sure if I’m posting in the right bit of the forum… Has anyone had air conditioning retrofitted to their Corrado? If so, was it successful and how much did it cost? After melting in my VR6 in a 33 degree traffic jam today, I’m seriously considering it if it’s feasible.
  3. Yeah there's certainly some cowboys out there unfortunately!
  4. Ah but they’ve been squealing since both the discs and pads were brand new so I don’t think that’s the cause. It’s my 4th Corrado over the last 30 years and this has never happened before hence thinking it’s whatever make has been fitted is the cause.
  5. Hi all, I had my front discs and all pads replaced a couple of years ago on my VR6 (with apparently good quality parts) but I have a terrible and embarrassing squeak every time I hit the brakes from the front (driver’s side I think). Am happy to change them again if necessary. Can someone point me in the best direction for the best parts? I thought it might be lack of use for quite a long time but have been driving it most days for the last few months.
  6. Apart from being delighted at how lovely the people on this forum are, I have just realised I posted this in the wrong part of the forum. Apologies to the admin.
  7. Oh Cressa you're an absolute star! I've been worrying about it all night! Message me how much you'd like for it. Thank you so much!
  8. Does anyone know what the part number should be (it’s a completely standard ‘95 VR6). I’m thinking I’m going to have to try and get a complete secondhand mirror from eBay.
  9. Yes I’ve discovered that too but this is mega-magnifying all over the mirror rather than the convex type. A bit like looking in a shaving mirror! I’m suspecting he broke my glass and bought some crap quickly from eBay!
  10. Will do tomorrow but I’ve had the car 3 years and drive it almost daily so I’m 99.99% sure he’s changed it and I’m not going mad! And it’s not wide-angled, it’s just ultra magnifying! I’m furious!
  11. Well he had it for 3 days because ‘he was busy’ so perhaps I’ve worked out why. Now I have to try and find a replacement glass (and a new garage)
  12. So yours isn’t a magnifying mirror? I’m not going mad then am right being sure the guy is pulling a fast one on me and probably broke my own glass....
  13. This probably sounds like a silly question but I’m not sure if I’m going mad! My VR6 went to my local VW specialist for it’s annual service and MOT yesterday. I also asked him if he could have a look at why my driver’s side mirror adjust switch had stopped working (passenger side fine). When I collected it, he said he’d had a look and even tried swapping for a different motor but couldn’t get it working. When I drove home, I glanced in the mirror and the view was distorted and felt like I was in a hall of mirrors! I rang the guy to check it was definitely my mirror glass that he’d put back and he assured me it was. After a lot of pushing and poking my other half decided it hadn’t quite engaged on the housing hence the distortion and fixed the weird imaging. However....it still looks odd and I think it’s magnifying the view. I’m sure it wasn’t a magnifying mirror but now I don’t know if I’m going mad and it always was! Please tell me if your driver’s side mirror magnifies or if my garage has lied to me? Thanks!
  14. Ah now that's an interesting thought. I have got a steering lock on it anyway so it would have to be a fairly determined thief!
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