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  1. For Anyone London/Essex/Middlesex based Check out Kam Ice, he is on social media. We put a 2way pager system on my rado and Its worth its weight in gold Highly Recommended
  2. Finally after months of agg the car finally holds idle and runs well so thought itd be good to get some pics
  3. another one for the febi kit, its got good reviews and febi is a very well established brand
  4. thanks mate I will check this, this weekend, but thankfully I have managed to locate one off Chris Ferry which should be with me in a few days, so will give it a good through clean and then lightly oil.
  5. Looks really good mate The aqua blue looks spot on
  6. Not allot to report in respect of look and any real upgrades, more so of trying to sort out the gremlins in the car. Had an issue with the fuel pump after a long drive it would hum for a little while so managed to get a replacement one sorted so problem solved, but have had an idling issue for some time, and a random misfire. So today managed to eliminate what we think it is, quite confident its the ISV, i did replace it as well as the vacuum pipe on the TB, Throttle position sensor turns out the new ISV was faulty too, so trying to source one at the moment. Fitted a genuine coil pack and ht leads to the car and the misfire is for the moment no more. But got the wheels back from RustyRims and has done a cracking job.
  7. cheers all tbh there what the car come with tbh i quite like especially as maintance is super low, looking forward to 2021 when hopefully i like many others will have a reason to put the new wheels on
  8. thank you all for the support so far seem to be making some steps in putting this right, As said i replaced the ISV the other month, so i thought that was that and with the car still doing the same thing, its why i drove me to think theres more to it, so replaced the throttle position sensor, new vacuum pipe off the breather and cleaned out throttle body, and that made it worse today. We scratched our heads in disgust as the idling had got worse instead of better, turns out after everything the replacement ISV was shot too. Fitted the old one back and the revs held at 900 as supposed to 1500 so with that said now thankfully we may have this problem under control
  9. Not to sure whether this helps or not but.. TPS Northern Ireland Website Directions Save 4.367 Google reviews Auto parts store in Northern Ireland Address: unit d, 9 Michelin Rd, Mallusk, Newtownabbey BT36 4PT Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM Phone: 028 9084 5080 Province: Ulster
  10. Hi all I am after some advice as my 94 VR6 ABV is having issues on revs a idle. Basically it started a few months back initially when driving for a short while, when coming to stationary from any speed 50/60mph or 5/10mph the car would switch off completely, if you turn the key it would start up straight away, However its slowly getting worse, it also started to rev up on its own, which a new IDLE control valve solved that issue but the cutting out it hasn't, It also seems like its over fuelling. Also Now if you rev it to 2000 or more on its way down it will cut out again. So far I have changed the Idle control Valve and also the Vacuum pipe on top of the Throttle body to Vacuum Valve. Has anyone had this issue before and any ideas on how to put it right Thanks Ricky
  11. Hi There mate I work within the TPS Network, and 10W40 isn't going any where any time soon. So perhaps try a TPS Centre 🙂
  12. Looks really good mate, Like the fact that you lost the indicators
  13. TPS are open however they do not an awful lot still avaliable for corrados
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