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  1. Cheers mate it really is like I said 500 miles more and apart from that been under a dust sheet in the garage. If you have any better pictures feel free to add them thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice mate I understand your points but I’m just being honest. I spent 12 months looking at them before I bought it in 2013 and it was by far the cleanest example I could find. Body work interior excellent the pictures don’t do it justice will try to get up to the unit and take some more tomorrow. Auto actually suited me let’s be honest by today’s standards they are not exactly rocket ships just nostalgic a bit different and sound amazing so as a bloke in my 40s it’s nice not having to bother with a clutch and gears. I did buy it as an investment however planned to sell it in about 15 years not now. If I was going to spend time and money on it I would be asking closer to the 10 mark but all I’m looking for is not to lose anything and for it to go to someone who likes corrado and will use it. I’ve done less than 500 miles in 5 years so it needs a better home
  3. I checked before I bought it in 2013 and they only made 18 storm automatic and that was between the both colours. I didn’t get chance to go up after work and take some better pictures but it’s a lovely looking car and drives great. I spent 8 months looking for one in blue and it was by far the cleanest I have seen will be sad to see it go but would rather it go to someone that would enjoy it. I’ve done less than 500 miles in 5 years so it’s needs a good home
  4. Should have said its a private plate would’ve originally been on an N plate (1995) the plate
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]95473[/ATTACH] Reluctantly selling great example of a rare model mystic blue automatic transmission offers above 6k inbox for details
  6. Sorry for the poor pictures haven’t got my laptop so just a couple I had on my phone will put some up that do it justice tomorrow
  7. Sorry for the poor pictures sending off my phone will put some on that do it more justice tomorrow
  8. 132k and yes but new to the site just need to work out how to put them up. Any advice welcome
  9. 1995 vw corrado vr6 storm automatic mystic blue Good bodywork and interior Divorce forces reluctant sale Owned for last 6 years bought as investment Mot expired July but only done 100 miles since last. Reall head turner quick sale offers over 6k
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