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  1. Awesome, thanks for the advice, looks like the seat will be coming out soon then!
  2. Oh ok, should I concentrate on looking over seat elements then rather than behind lhr panel or both just to be sure?
  3. Yes I did, both of them. Drove car to work today but no noises appeared!
  4. Hi all. Hope I’ve posted this in the right place, apologies if not (noob!!) Driving the rado today and noticed a loud ‘buzzing’ type noise coming from the lhr side, seemingly behind the interior side panel!! Was happening intermittently, whether I was driving along or at a standstill!! Haven’t stripped down as of yet so just thought I’d ask the question whether anyone has had this noise before and what it possibly is/ any ideas of any modules etc located in that area??
  5. I’ll take the first aid box, posted if still available please.
  6. That would be great to see when it’s done, also be interested to know what the ride is like. I’ll check out your build thread for sure, cheers bud
  7. Yeah I don’t plan on too many major mods, just suspension and probably wheels so I can keep the originals in as best condition I can ( under some blankets in the garage!) And whatever I do take off will certainly be kept so I can put back to original if need be
  8. Haha thanks a lot for the info, appreciate it 👍🏼
  9. Yeah I realise I’d not get the same ride near to standard, just didn’t wanna lose it entirely (if even possible) and just wondered whether anyone had a certain set up close to achieving this. My ears are open to any advice/set ups anyone has that hasn’t gone the full blown coilover route!
  10. Thanks guys! First thing is bodywork, few little dings and a couple of small rust bits I want to sort out, but my ‘wish list’ has grown ten fold in a few days!! 🤦🏻*♂️ Want to get it sitting a tad lower, roughly 35-40mm, so was thinking of some decent springs on standard shocks as I don’t want to lose all the ride comfort and the shocks were replaced with new oem parts less than a year ago, any thoughts??
  11. Hey all. Just a quick hello from me, recently got myself a Rado so thought I’d join up as I’m sure I’m gonna need your expertise and advice along the way as I delve into the world of ‘tinkering in my garage with my little piece of freedom!!’ Plus I need some ‘like-minded’ people to talk about it all to as the missus just don’t get it!! Lol!
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