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  1. Cheers for the replies. I’ve PM’d you Stuart
  2. Hi mate. Any pics of the gear knob? What’s the condition like? And how much would you want for it?


  3. My 94 VR6 has a wooden gearknob fitted which looks like it’s from a mk4 Golf. Really doesn’t match the interior and period correct Momo wheel I’ve bought. Has anybody fitted a leather knob from another model without too much work? Thanks in advance
  4. NWDSdax

    ARB issue

    All sorted now thanks! Wishbones on the wrong way round. Rear coulovers are really noisy though . Never ending 🤦🏻*♂️
  5. NWDSdax

    ARB issue

    Car is a 94 VR6
  6. NWDSdax

    ARB issue

    I’ve recently had some Coilovers and new wishbones fitted at a local garage but they have said when they refitted the antiroll bar it was fouling on the wishbone so they have had to flip it. Seems abit strange to me. Does anybody have any pictures of there wishbone and arb set ups so I can compare them to mine to see if I can spot anything wrong? Thanks in advance
  7. The spare unit is faulty also! But I can send that one off to be repaired, then once it detours just a matter of swapping them over rather than leaving one of the car and waiting for it to return fixed before I can fit it.
  8. I did clear them with my code reader and they came back immediately.
  9. My corrado 1994 vr6 ABS isn’t working! Scanning it brings up 4 codes 00259 Abs inlet valve front right (N99) 00276 Abs outlet valve left rear (N136) 00532 Supply voltage B+ static-no indication on display 00283 Front left Abs speed sensor (G47) static-no indication on display Any body shed any light on them? I’m assuming a speed sensor and pump probably? Do have a spare I can send off to be refurbished Thanks in advance
  10. Part of my windscreen seal was not pressed in properly! On closer inspection looks like there’s quite the build up of dirt behind there! I know they are prone to rust in this area! Was just wondering if it would be a good idea of pull the seal out and give it a clean behind there. Is it just a case of pushing the seal back in, or do I need a proper windscreen fitter to do it? Thanks
  11. NWDSdax


    I’m going to treat myself to some mid range Coilovers for my vr6 in the next few weeks, just wondering what people’s opinions were. AP, V maxx, or something similar. Thanks
  12. Already looked but nothing on there. Was just thinking some new badges would freshen it up.
  13. In the next few weeks I’m going to be stripping the car down for a paint correction. Il be removing the rear badges and noticed some cars have colour coded corrado badges. Have people painted them themselves? Or is it possible to buy new replacements from anywhere? I’d like to refresh all 3 badges while thy are off really? Thanks
  14. Newbie here, when I bought my 94 vr6 it had no headunit fitted. I bought a kenwood replacement off eBay and plugged it in using the original iso blocks but when you remove the key it forgets the settings. I’m assuming the permanent and switch live are wired the wrong way round? I’m a novice with anything electrical so if anyone could point me in the right direction to sorting it that would be great. Thanks
  15. Thanks, I’m guessing they will probably be brittle by now and snap off lol
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