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  1. Sure, I have the dash out, heater box out and have rebuilt it, I was referring to the face level air vents, with these removed, behind these are flaps that open and close the face level vents. It is these that I want to remove.
  2. Hi, Posting here because I am limited to this area as a newbie. How do you remove the paddle flap that allows the air to flow or not? I have the full dash out and vents out of the dash. I don’t want to break the spindles by going about it wrong. Reason for removal is to replace the foam that creates the seal around the edge of the paddle flap. Many thanks
  3. Hi, I’m interested in becoming a fully signed up member of the U.K. Corrado community by buying a Corrado VR6. Signed up to learn more about the cars, what to look out for and hopefully source a cared for example. I’ve owned many performance cars ( 70+ ) in my 16 year driving career including several VWs (GTi 16v and R32) but never owned a Corrado - keen to address that once I find the right car. If you have an immaculate low mileage VR6, that you might be convinced to sell, please get in touch. If you have a car that comes close, I could well be interested.
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