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  1. It is with a heavy heart I have to list this as I have had countless hours of fun, along with the frustration of owning these cars. Sadly a combination of time constraints and relocation simply make ownership increasingly difficult. I have owned the car since 2004 and have only racked up 40k of its mileage during my ownership, the last few years it’s only done around 1000 miles. The car has been meticulously looked after and any work its needed has been done regardless of expense, along with many things that didn’t that were done as a matter of course. All work outlined below has been carried out while owning it, all parts have either been genuine or better (performance aftermarket) 2 Previous Owners MOT Till December 2014 Tax Till 30/09/14 Full service history 153k on the clock Toad Ai606 CAT1 alarm All electrics working, windows, sunroof, spoiler etc Modifications Schimmel Performance 263 Cams BMC Induction Kit Mocal Oil Cooler with uprated oil hoses Vibratechnic Competition Front Engine Mount Magnex Cat Back Exhaust Passat 288 Front Disks and Callipers Golf Mk4 rear callipers with Goodridge hoses Rare 16" x 7.5" five spoke Speedline wheels Weitec Hicon GT Coilovers Lupo Aero Wipers Passat Moonroof (original sunroof available with sale) Trimsport Rear Structbrace Fixed height steering column (adjustable available with sale) Uprated Headlight Loom DG Autotech fan bracket with 12” and 7” fans Interior Blaupunkt DAB Radio Chrome Door Pulls DDI Chrome Dial Rings Infinity Basslink Subwoofer VW Oil Pressure and Volt Gauge Pod Work Fully rebuilt head by Stealth Racing Camchains replaced Gearbox rebuilt with clutch replacement at Stealth Racing Coilpack replaced VW Red HT leads Heater Matrix replaced Radiator replaced Subframe replaced Wishbones replaced R32/TT Rear Wishbone Bushes Front Top Mounts ARB droplinks Lower ball joints Front disks & pads Rear disks & pads Rear beam bushes All four ABS sensors Rear ABS rings All wheel bearings Roof aerial & base / booster Genuine Alternator Bosch Silver Battery Sunroof Motor There simply is too much to list but it’s all documented in the A4 ring binder packed full of receipts and invoices going all the way back to the original sale of the vehicle including its brief excursion to Germany. The slightly bad points on the car is that the under bonnet foam is starting to pass its best and become rather brittle with some parts coming away. Other than that the steering wheel is really the only thing looking a little warn I had planned to have a spare re-trimmed but never got around to it. Would really like the old girl to go to a good home to someone who will continue to look after and enjoy it. Looking for £2595. If your interested send a PM or give me a call on 07824 638050.
  2. I’m getting the feeling this is becoming an elusive part - no one out there with a spare?
  3. Hi All I'm currently looking for a late drivers side wing for my Aqua Blue VR6, would prefer dark colour but whatever you have. Let me know price shipped. Cheers
  4. I’m interested in the driver’s side wing if its available and rust free - let me know how much to ship to Farnborough
  5. Do you still have the driver’s side wing available, if you do could you give me a price - I take its there’s not rust on it? Oh yeah, do you also happen to have the bonnet strut too?
  6. Back on all six once more thanks to a new coilpack, can’t seem to spot any visible issue with the old unit - oh well, another expensive round of Corrado ownership :lol: . Hope a new CP solves your issue Jim
  7. Have you had the plugs out Jim? Just took the fresh plugs out again after a quick drive and found 5 & 6 were wet and smelt of fuel - looks like i have a VR4 at the moment.
  8. Another VR playing up here too Jim. Started a week ago, was fine when a set off for work, part way there it was down on power and very lumpy. Parked up at work and came to leave in the evening and all was good, again part way back the problem resurfaced. Ever since there is been lumpy and jerky from start - very strange exhaust note. Just tried changing the plugs and leads and no difference, thought much the same as you as i only filled up with VMax the night before the problems started. Guess a coil pack is on the cards now :(
  9. Try Ford - same VW badged leads can be had individually for less.
  10. Good find, wonder if you can get a repair kit for the TRW racks? Didnt seem to have one on the site.
  11. Took me about 2 hours working somewhat slowly, the only real pain is the drilling of the sheer bolts - took out a few cheap drill bits on those :lol: All in all not a complex job, just typical Haynes style - take the parts off and refit in reverse.
  12. Finally completed fitting the fixed column - wow what a difference! Really gald ive done this mod no more vague steering.
  13. Cowling going poll250's way. As one final shot, how many others are wanting cowlings? Just wondering if it is worth one last go with the dealers to see if we can source anymore, but seeing as im not doing this for profit i only want to order as required.
  14. One more complete cowling in hand - if anyone wants, speak now. Luckily the lower section of the third cowling finally arrived.
  15. Interesting, have a look if the late top half will fit to the early lower when your package arrives. If you do i have another late top section, could then have a full cowling between us to help someone else out.
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