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  1. Hi sorry the car is now sold thanks for all the interest
  2. Hi sorry about the delay in the reply, I haven't looked at the forum for a couple of days, there are two rust spots on the car on the sills each about 4cm long these look like they have been previously treated but not painted. The MOT man said they were solid enough so didn't put it as an advisory, when the car was Resprayed I assumed they would include it as well but because I didn't point it out they didn't see it...Apparently! They then quoted 150 + vat to get that done as well which I just didn't. It's not so much tracking but the camber on the front wheels 4 wheel alignment would correct it. The engine drives and sounds superbly and is the main reason I bought the car. Bodywork wise in a normal look the car look immaculate if you look closer on the front bumper the finish is slightly orange peely. I think the ABS is a front hub reluctor wheel issue but it doesn't really affect the drive or brake operation hence why I haven't fixed it. It looks fairly standard but would be too easy to return to standard due to the brakes not allowing speedline alloy wheels due to size. Please contact for any more info. Many thanks
  3. Hopefully you should have a few emails from two address with some images attached
  4. Sorry I have only just seen this reply congratulations I hope it is still running well from what I remember the interior was spot on, I'm glad somebody bought it and changed those alloys!
  5. Yep that should be fine there are quite a few on there do you have any specific areas? Or just the main ones what's your email address
  6. Now with more photos taken today, showing the windscreen bubbling and 2xrust spots on the sill 1 picture captures them both but I tried to take close ups, there is no MOT advisories.
  7. Yep but I think I can post my photobucket link hopefully that will work http://s809.photobucket.com/user/thamouse1981/library/Mobile%20Uploads
  8. Thankyou I have better images but am struggling to upload, I will continue to try
  9. Thankyou, I have better pictures but am struggling to upload.
  10. I couldn't find a way to add them via my phone
  11. To add it has also had a brand new coil pack fitted, car is located in salisbury wiltshire. Zero778825673zero for further details
  12. So I originally purchased this 1.5 years ago with a view to keep it as an investment car hoping values would increase. Unfortunately not having storage and a young son taking up all my free time means it is no longer an option for me and it's now going for sale. The details: Corrado VR6 94100 miles on the car 29000 miles on brand new VAG engine fitted in 2005 at a cost of 4200!, 12 months mot, grey cloth interior, cd player with Bluetooth playback, pioneer speakers in original positions and sizes, storm force car cover, K&N induction kit, sunroof tilts and slides, e/w, e spoiler, e mirrors, vgc benefiting from front and side respray, FSH up to 92k but now out of date by 19 months ( only 2k miles covered) 10k vw, 18k vw, 27k vw, 35k vw, 41k vw, 47k vw, 50k vw, 50k vw, 60k ind, 65k vw, 72k ind, 77k audi, 81k vw, 87k ind, 92k ind 04/15 Every MOT since 1999 BBS 17in RX2 split rim alloys with brand new kumho tyres x4 Brembo 323mm front brake upgrade with braided hoses Mk 4 rear brake upgrade with braided hoses Koni shocks and springs with damper adjustment New rear brake calipers, pads, discs, bearings and abs rings and sensors (both sides) 2015, New battery 2016 Vibratechnic front mount and new gearbox mount 2015 Thermostat housing, various sensors, spark plugs, link arms and service 2014 cost £898 New clutch 2014 New radiator 2013 There is loads more work with receipts dating back to 2000 So now I will tell you the known bad points: Top of the windscreen drivers side has a 2 x 1 inch sections of bubbled rust just coming through. Seems to be some abs chatter when stopping at low speed and pedal pressure brakes work fine just appears to activate abs at less than 5 mph I suspect the n/s reluctor wheel/hub. Car was stood for 3 months prior to last week when I drove it put an abs light on that went away post ignition cycle and hasn't returned hence passing the mot today Grey cloth is in good condition bar drivers side upper and lower bolster worn through Tracking is a little off but not much the front wheels are cambered aggressively in, I like the look but may not be everyone's taste Slight vibration at speed through steering wheel maybe weights fallen off a wheel Ultimately I want it gone but would like for it to go to some who will drive it, it doesn't deserve to be sat doing nothing like It has for 18 months. Price drop to 3800
  13. Thanks, if anyone has similar symptoms in future vacuum pipe on the inlet manifold caused the brake fail I think due to excessive engine movement caused by a pipe off from throttle body to pcv breather making the engine very lumpy
  14. I can confirm she is fixed!!! I changed the coil pack with no luck, had a look at the throttle body and a hose had come off put it back on and back in business...I'll leave the new coil pack on any way...thanks for all the input though
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