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  1. Haha. What your saying rings true! I won the R32 skyline gtr last January, first time I ever entered one. Since then I've been blowing a fortune on them every month, along with my father in law and some of my mates. They certainly have a good business, how it isn't classed as gambling is strange.
  2. My father in law just won an Audi RS4 from 7 days performance, he hasn't got it yet, but I'm looking forward to a blast of it. I've already got tickets for the RS6 and for the blue MK2 escort on dream cars. I think I'll be needing a couple for the corrado and the R34 skyline as well 🤪
  3. Anybody know this car? Looks like a nice one, and must go like stink with that power. https://dreamcargiveaways.co.uk/current-competitions/350hp-volkswagen-corrado/
  4. Bush

    Sill repair panels

    Sorry man. Afraid the Raddo went on the back burner this year. I won the Skyline in January, (think i posted about that) so ended up delaying the work on the VW. However, over the last week I've ordered up a clutch kit and coilovers. Cancelled the tax at the end of last month and have good intentions of getting stuck into it next time home. A lot of my projects ended p on the back burner this summer, as I was furloughed, and money was a bit tight. Need to finish putting a bike tgether and then the car is going top of the list for the winter jobs.
  5. Where did you buy your kit from in the end? I'm needing to change the clutch on mine in a couple of weeks. Car has about 145k on it, with no evidence of chain or tensioners having been done, so thinking I might do them at the same time.
  6. Seats out to give the interior a proper clean. New wheels in the post for it, and just realised I don't have a key for the locking wheel nuts....
  7. Does anybody know the spring rates for apex or AP coilovers? I've just ordered a set of 17" wheels, and next on my shopping list is coilovers. Don't want to spend a huge amount on them, but like the idea of adjusting ride height to suit. Main objective is a set of coilovers that are as comfy as possible, to compensate for the big wheels. I'm erring towards the apex, as ride height is independantly adjusted to spring pre load.
  8. 7 days performance. Great bunch of guys! Jammy is right, car is in great shape for a 30 year old bomb. But it's caused my plans for the vr6 to go on hold. I'll have to sort out the sill repairs on the radio, I've been planning since I got the car over the next couple of months. And refresh the suspension at the same time, along with a set of different wheels for it. The vr6 is far more practical for everyday use, the skyline is a bit hard on the road, and a bit of a handful to use all the time.
  9. My latest addition in the garage, that I got a few months ago. To think that this is a car deigned in the 80s is mind blowing. Making just over 400bhp @0.9bar, but I need a stand alone ECU to before turning the boost up to try getting about 500bhp. Won it in an online raffle, so only cost 40 quid, 2 tickets at 20 notes each 😁
  10. Don't suppose you still have these? When I pull the release, it feels very sticky, and I'm feared it's going to snap before I look at it
  11. Removing my factory fitted scorpion is on my to do list! Any pointers on where to start? From looks of it, most of the wires go to the fuse box.
  12. Never seen that website before. Sounds like eBay, but they make there money out of buyer, rather than seller. So if the description is false, and you go to collect a car that turns out to be a raft that's been described as mint, the seller loses nothing, and the buyer still has to pay the listing fees 🤔 Or am I miss reading how it works. Car does look good though, be interesting to see what it sells for.
  13. Not sure if my above post may have been missed by those in the know, due to the forum upgrade. Any advice or opinions greatly appreciated. Re-submitting this. Just in case it was missed by those in the know due to the forum upgrade
  14. https://m.rimstyle.com/alloywheels/detail/?car_model_id=1338&year=1995&s=00VEK8Gg What are peoples thoughts on these? 17x8 et35? That also come with 5mm spacers for the vr6. From all the reading I've done, my head is scrambled but I think they should fit, but not 100%. It's a standard vr6. I will be lowering the car, probably just with springs, but could go for cheap coil overs if needed, but want wheels first. Also, I think 205/45 is what is recommended, but would 215/35 work without rolling the arches. I'm not a fan of stretched tyres, and would rather a more square tyre wall.
  15. Is it a permanent 4.8v? Then the ground/0v side is switched to open the injector? Handy having info about what voltages to expect where on the forum for faults like this. Hope your new coil pack gets you up and running again
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