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  1. I mailed the guys of Carbon-tex, but never have an answer in return. It's real hard to get the carbon fibre on the round parts of the wing, the middel area is peanuts, but at the corners of the wing is realy hard to do and I've had only 30 minutes of pot-live to do this. It's the first time I've done a wing and the result is more than I've expected.
  2. I never said that I started from scratch, I said it in my first post. You'll need to start from something, working from scratch is not that easy, this is a good base to know how you need to work with it.
  3. I'm busy to make a carbon fibre radatiorcover and a shiftconsole for someone else. The shiftconsole is almost ready, I hope that the guy loves my work. I Know they have some nice parts, i've mailed this company to order some CF wings.
  4. Since a week I've got carbon fibre door handles in the car, I know it's not the exterior, but it's stuppid to open a new topic. The list of carbon fibre pars starts to grow. 8) - Carbon fibre spoiler - Carbon fibre shift console - Carbon fibre glove compartment - Carbon fibre door handles
  5. The amplifier that was used in this install looks al lot on the one that I've got. The amplifier is a Phoenix Gold Ryval Designs, the plexy window lights blue when playing. Wy don't you turn the cover around? The only thing you'll have to do is make the cable of the LED a little bit longer. I finished my install today, it's the one on the picture.
  6. Got aluminium doorpins, normaly for a golf Mk2. I removed the black rings, looks al lot better without those rings.
  7. The cable you'll need the power (signal) from is grey/white, place a cable that begins from the grey/white to the other light, use a special clamp on the unussed conector like you'll see on the third picture. You'll don't need a ground wire, it's already been there. I hope this is what you'll want, my english isn't that good.
  8. I've got a how to om my site, maybe you have something with it? http://users.skynet.be/g60_rulez/Page_b ... luiten.htm The manual is in dutch, but the pictures are clear to start with. The only thing you'll have to do is open the second fogg light cover, easy as it can be.
  9. I've got since a while a new setup of brakes at the front of the car. I have discs of Black Diamond and brake pads from Mintex and I'm realy pleased about these. I already have used the complete performance of this setup for more than once, it realy brakes hard in compare with the OEM parts.
  10. That's also my way of thinking, grey is one of the most beautiful colours that you can find on a C. In real life the Carbon Fibre wing doesn't realy show off, it's more discrete (until the sun falls down on it).
  11. I have no plans to make another one, it was realy hard to make this one without making a mistake and begin al over again. The price to make a second one should be to high I geuss, ussual thay coust about 200/250€ each. If you make one by yourself, you can do this for les than 100€, if you can do this in one time.
  12. Underneath the carbon you'll find a standard one, I used the lay-up method. The how-to that I used => http://www.mci.i12.com/carbon/lay_up.htm All the used materials comes from VossChemie. Some people find this awesome, some like it al lot. I did it, because my style lays more to the circuit. The paint color is a stock color, LD7Y Quartz metallic, sometimes it turnes al littlebit red when the light comes in a particular angle.
  13. It has been a while since I've been here, in that time I changed some things at the C, some like self-made lay-up carbon fibre parts. It started with making a carbon fibre glove compartment cover. In the beginning was it realy a pain in the ass job. But after one time it looked like this. With these experience in mind I began to lay-up a standard spoiler. It's not realy done, there should be a 5th layer of epoxy, but I'm sick of it making this look good, I'm busy for a week to come this far, maybe over a couple of weeks I begin with the 5th layer epoxy.
  14. Dennis.be

    how low?

    I've lowered my C with a 60/60 Weitec Ultra GT suspension, there not to expensive to buy and good quality. The suspension was made in combination with a Eibach anti roll kit and the car react superb by cornering. And this is the result of it. Don't look at the taillights, they are already switched by the dark ones of in.pro.
  15. I've got a new type FK grill on my old type C, the slam panel is compatible with the 2 types of grills, that was an nice surprice when buying the gril.
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