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  1. excellent...! let me know how easy it is to fit the new one! cheers
  2. anyone got a spare motor then?
  3. ooh do let me know how it goes and where you get a motor from. I'll try german swede bits first - they were good last time.. but I'm not exactly the world's best with a pop riveter :( can't I just replace the cable? or am I being dumb.... anyone know of any visuals online.. like 'how to do it - an idiots guide'?
  4. now... I've looked on here and read a few things about this. Basically my driver side electric window cable snapped yesterday - I've taken the door card off and there it is with a freyed end staring at me... am I right in thinking I need to get a new cable AND motor? and if I do where is the best place people have found? am I also right in thinking I have to drill out the old one because it's rivetted in place... how would I put a new one back in if I don't have a pop rivetter....?!? I think I need help! anyone out there want to shed some light on this...? The window is currently being held up with zip ties and wire. Not cool...
  5. No, no other equipment is faulty.. I'm begining to think it's a switch problem so I might invest in some copper grease. Does anyone know how to get the copper plate off the dial so I can grease behind it? Also, does anyone have the part number for the fan unit so I can order one from GSF, just incase the copper stuff doesn't work.... :cyclops2:
  6. sorted.. there was a stray wire dangling about behind the glove box. all fully alarmed! thanks :D
  7. Good idea... any ideas how I can bend/adjust the copper wiper? I know how to get the plastic cover plate off the dials but the wiper sits under the copper plate which means I can't immediately get to it. Can I take the plate off?
  8. Can I have some advice please... Recently bought a VR6 Storm and the interior heater blower keeps cutting out very randomly. It sometimes comes on fine when you first start the car up (all 4 speeds) then after you've been driving for about 3 minutes it just stops working. I've replaced the thermo resistor, checked the copper plate behind the dial, and it still just randomly cuts out when it wants to. Not sure what I should check next - It doesn't squeak or rattle, the 4 speeds work fine when it's on... I'm at a loss.... help! :!:
  9. Just bought a VR6 Storm and whilst tinkering under the dash to get at the heater blower (to change the thermo resistor etc.. but that's another story!) I had to disconnect the key fob contact housing for the Conlog alarm. The alarm went off so I went under the bonnet and used the little tiny key to turn the alarm off at it's source. Everything put back together, reconnected the key fob housing and turned the alarm back on under the bonnet using the tiny key. Alarm goes off, can't switch it off at all using either the key fob or by shoving the master (red LED cover) key fob back in the housing... So I've turned the alarm off under the bonnet again as this is the only way of stopping it bleating. Full closure works fine but not sure what to do about this alarm... Any help would be great! Chris :roll:
  10. I know, I know... there's been loads of stuff on this in the past, but I just wanted to ask a few things. Stupidly ':cry:' one of the contacts from the back of the mirrors has come off through too much aggression in trying to get the wire off. Not only that the OTHER mirror (drivers side) broke while I was levering it off. So now I'm left with one which heats but the glass is broken and one which doesn't heat but looks ok....':( Has anyone got any useful advice on how I can get them both A1 without ordering £300 worth of stuff from VAG (eeuurrghh 'spit spit') Anyone got any spares? Chris Sussex
  11. how's 44.8mpg on a 40 mile trip to Guildford in a G60... drove like a complete pus*y and nearly ran into several vehicles in front of me due to not using the brakes or getting it above 2500rpm... but it's possible. Back to the usual 32mpg now, and running smoothly!
  12. 100 pcd??? what on earth does that mean? do I order 16" or 17"? and can I have any width of wheel I choose or is there a standard for a g60? I really know NOTHING about all this! only my 2nd ever car - and the first was a Mazda which doesn't count... :?
  13. could someone help please...! I have absolutely NO idea on how to go about ordering or finding a new set of wheels. My current ones are the original BBS's on my G60 but they are very kerbed and wonky. What size would I need and how can I tell what I'm buying? What do all the numbers mean? Got my eye on those pretty Azev E's but don't know what to order.. will I need to adjust anything... oh.. it's just a minefield - could some one explain
  14. just spoken with Darren - he says it's the "lambda' valve in the exhaust (oxygen mix?), which overcompensates when the car is cold and dumps fuel into the exhaust sytem. Should be a minor adjustment. Sorted! (I did have the plugs and leads changed recently, made very little difference at a very high price! bargain!! There was also a crack in my rotor arm which I had replaced)
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