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  1. Hey Sam - there are no carriers as such - just bolt directly on to a Viper. in the first pic, the one on the left has the custom corrado/mk3 carrier and the one on the right is the bare calliper. Hope that makes sense!!
  2. m6vwc, part number is 192955409C so I think it's the pass side I'm afraid mate.
  3. Sam, there are serial numbers on either side of the caliper: 40527400 40527300 Cheers, Cole
  4. Hi m6vwc - yep, will split, I'm sure someone will be after a single lupo wiper - £12 delivered ok?
  5. Hey Sam, will check for serials today, been away on the weekend. RE: 288 fitment - there may be some overhang - but remember that there's only 24mm difference in diameter on those discs, which means only 12mm on the radius which is the one that affects clearances etc. Cheers, Cole
  6. Hello mate, Good question, I converted my 4 stud to 5 stud (just had 5 stud hubs pressed in and VR outer CVs) to keep the narrow track for my 9.5 corvette wheels hence the ability to run the 312mm discs. You'd need to do the same to fit the TT discs. That said, calipers/carrier will fit fine, you'd just have to stick with 4 stud 288s, will split the kit if you want as the vented TT discs will sell separately all day long mate.
  7. Yep - I just checked them again and the skinnier looking one indeed has the old hook style end. updated price to reflect - the kits are £35+pp on eBay.
  8. It's an annoying fault that we've just fixed at work - Andi, this fixed it for us: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-4/vbulletin-4-questions-problems-and-troubleshooting/411631-after-upgraded-to-php-5-4-3-the-textarea-is-empty-if-i-want-to-edit-posts-or-threads?p=3548501#post3548501
  9. Thanks guys - as I said, they were on my Corrado so maybe one Lupo, 1 TT?
  10. HI, Here are the wipers that were on my 2L Corrado. Blades are a bit old but were working fine. It's been pointed out in the thread that they're not both Lupo ones - one is a standard arm, they fitted fine on my Corrado. £25 + delivery at buyers cost for a quick sale, can't imagine it would be more than a fiver to post?
  11. Hi Guys, I'm having a bit of a clear out but thought it'd be easier to split things into separate threads. So in this thread we have: 2 x 4 pot Dodge RT/10 Brembo Calipers. 2 x Custom-made carriers to bolt straight onto a Corrado/Golf spindle. 2 x 312mm TT discs (5x100). 1x Length of braided hose (brand new) with relevant connectors to join to Corrado/MK3/MK2 hard lines - just cut to appropriate length. The Bad bits: Calipers are a bit scuffed, definitely need new pads and a bit of TLC - they still say Rt/10 on them but I personally would repaint & renew the decals. Discs need a quick scrub, never been on a car so are brand new but have a bit of surface browning. This is a bolt-on conversion with no modifications required (tested on my old 9A Corrado and a MK3 cab), just needs a little bit of TLC before fitting. Price is: £230 collected from SY23 (could possible bring a bit closer to Cardiff/Bristol on request as I travel down there for work every couple of weeks). Postage at buyers cost - courier etc. fine if you organise it yourself. ---------- Post added at 1:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 1:26 PM ---------- pics..
  12. you've got a v5 gearbox - it's also unlikely that you've got an led - turn the flywheel, if they both turn together, then it's a lsd
  13. Dude, have you changed mobile #? tried texting you the other day.
  14. saysomestuff - Cole I was born in Germany :hitler: I can solve a rubik's cube in under 45 seconds I speak passable Welsh (fantastic when you're abroad)
  15. £30 is reasonable! I think I paid £92 for one from VW in 2005!
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