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  1. iggi

    my '90 rado 16v

    only just remembered had thread on here rado lives on. normally stays in the gararge going nowhere polished up, but thought id give it a thrashing in the grim weather :clap:
  2. burgundy l reg rado low on 17's parked up on victoria rd, thornton cleveleys last few nights. just at the end of my road :D also a dark coloured, presume vr, reg k* vrg or summat, on the road towards richmond from yarm i think, last monday, probs about 11am :salute:
  3. nice low and wide aqua blue example on blackpool prom at about 4.30 today, opposite north pier. on 16" kersher cramona i think. typically 1st time i spot one for about a year, im in the mk3 :roll:
  4. black h reg valver at playfootball blackpool on weds about 8.45. on tsw stealths. mine was tucked uop at home otherwise id have parked infront one day i WILL get spotted. mind you more than 10 miles a week would help :cuckoo:
  5. lovely clean black h reg g60 on blackpool rd in preston at maybe 7.10pm? standard body, but low and on 7.5 and 9x16 borbet a's. sounded lovely. i was just withdrawing wheel cash at the lloyds cash machine :lol:
  6. very nice. looks mint
  7. give it ten years, the new rocco will look more dated than the rado...if ya get me :lol:
  8. iggi

    Corrado G60

    thats exactly what ive been wanting to do with mine for the last year :lol: never get round to it though. ive got the same brace too. its kust bare metal in the back of mine
  9. iggi

    my '90 rado 16v

    yea it is. ive found the only thing that keeps it red is mer polish. one side is freshly painted courtesy of some dippy bird driving into it, and luckily that was the tatty side, so the rest looks well enough :lol:
  10. iggi

    my '90 rado 16v

    nope, not really! :D love it as it is. love my valvers, and the way it looks is spot on.
  11. hi folks. been on here a while. owned my 1 and only corrado for the last 4 years. thought it was time i put a pic or ten up :lol: been through many different styles since i bought it. about 20 different sets of rims too :norty: . but now im happy with it. quick spec overview: 1990 corrado 16v in tornado red full custom sports exhaust, modded airbox, tweaked k-jet etc blah blah lowered on fk highsports 8x15 bbs rm wheels with 195/45 tyres 15mm fk spacers on rear side mouldings removed red tinted rear lights rear interior totally stripped (both for fun on the rd and for carting work stuff around if need be 8) ) momo steering wheel pool ball gear knob err....think thats it future plans are to tidy up the rest of the paint that i havent had sorted already, and some form of different front seats. not much really. i love it as it is :clap: any feedback welcome :wink: stromlaufplan_gamma4.pdfIMG_0190.jpg[/attachment:2adlhtfe] Corrado92.pdfIMG_0195.jpg[/attachment:2adlhtfe] passat climatronic wiring diags.pdfIMG_0198.jpg[/attachment:2adlhtfe] climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdfIMG_0199.jpg[/attachment:2adlhtfe] 2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfIMG_0200.jpg[/attachment:2adlhtfe] IMG_0203.jpg[/attachment:2adlhtfe]
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