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  1. Whilst driving home today I noticed that my air conditioning had stopped working. The blower is working but the air is at normal temperature and not being cooled (despite having the temperature dual at it's lowest). Trying to diagnose the problem a little, you can feel the clutch engage when you turn the A/C on so it's not an electrical problem. However the pipe from the evaporator inside the car, which is normally so cold it drips condensation, was not cold at all. I've only had the car a few months and the guy that sold it to me said that the system had been re-gassed recently. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start with trying to work out what's gone wrong? Are there any common problems with the Diavia A/C units? Assuming I'm unable identify the fault myself, what are the chances of a garage knowing what they're doing with one of these?
  2. Thanks for the offer Woody, but Andy665 beat you to it. I must say that I've only been a member of this forum for a very short time but you all seem to be only to happy to go out of your way to help others. In the past I've been more involved with the Air-Cooled VW scene that the water cooled one (even though I've always owned both) but it's good to see that everyone's just as friendly (if not more so). With regard to the tyres, I did some maths and a 215\40 tyre has sidewalls of 86mm, which whilst obviously a lot less that the standard 205\50 tyres (102.5) it's almost identical to the 195\45 tyres on my Polo GTI (87.75) and the ride on the Polo is anything but harsh. Okay, so I'm not exactly comparing apples with apples but I think that it shows that having less rubber doesn't necessarily mean a harsh ride (at least I hope not or I might be trading in my 17" alloys pretty quickly!).
  3. I read a comment from MoonlightVR in another thread in which he said that the H&R coilers were 'a touch firm around town', which is what put me off this option when I was trying to decide what to go for. H&R would otherwise have been a good option as I have a contact with an Audi specialist who could hopefully get me a good deal. Any thoughts on the tyres BTW? I'm thinking 215\40 R17 but I wasn't sure whether there are likely to be any clearance problems.
  4. I bought my first Corrado a few months back (a '94 VR6) I've now decided that it's time to start changing a few bits and bob, and first up are the wheels and suspension. Having scoured the previous postings I've narrowed the choice down to 2, either FK Konigsport coilovers or Koni T\As with H&S springs. I really want to go for the coilovers but my only concern is how firm the ride will be. I have to use some pretty bad back roads on my way to work and even with the standard suspension you can feel every slight bump in the road, couple this with the 17" alloys that I've just purchased which aren't going to help things. Will coilovers inherently going to give a harder ride than the Koni T/As? One other question if I may, the wheels that I've bought are 17"x7.5 ET35. What's the recommended tyre choice (bearing in mind my penchant for a comfortable ride)? Any help that you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.
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