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  1. Thanks for that, battery jacket ordered from eBay 👍
  2. Didn’t realise the covers were available! Do you have details of part No and where they were purchased from please? Thanks!!
  3. Hello All, Didnt find much on this before buying so thought I’d put this on to be clear/helpful. Bought the biggest in terms of power (and also size!). Got a new 74Ah Varta Battery - which the eBay add suggested wouldn’t fit. Link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Varta-E38-Silver-Dynamic-096-100-067-Car-Battery-12V-74AH-574-402-075-/251195095628?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 E38 Varta Silver Dynamic Car Battery 74Ah (096 / 100) it’s massive, 278mm x 175mm x 175mm but it fits. Images attached show more dimensions and a shot of the Halfords battery that came out. Hopefully this will help someone in future!
  4. Hello As the title suggests I’m looking for a lower steering column cover if anyone has one? thanks dan
  5. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be checking the earth and sorting the terminals, or ask someone with the skills!!!
  6. Hello ABV, did you sort a head unit? Going through the same myself so would be interested to know what you choose 👍 cheers!
  7. Hello all, Ive been having some starting issues (on another thread) which were sorted with a new ignition. since then I’ve had a few issues with the vr not firing on all cylinders, and the previous owner has given me some assistance and pointed out it could be related to the brown plug under the steering column and suggested to clean it up. I’ve popped off the steering column covers and cleaned the connectors with some gt86. When it’s running and I move the cable slightly, it can make the difference between it running nice and missing. The cables lead into the loom and there’s not much room to get access so its not the best to try and do a decent job. anyone know more about this connector block and how to do a decent job of cleaning it up? thanks!
  8. It will be getting driven regularly again now! It’s sad that heritage sell such crap really. As they put the same engine in other marques (previously drove a Ford galaxy ghia x with that lovely lump), can anyone point me to a better version which fits and works?? I need to give my borrowed unit back so will be looking for a replacement, and hopefully a credit from heritage! Thanks
  9. Problem solved - problem was a faulty ignition pack. Changed the crank sensor, no change. Same results in VAGCom. The Topran sensor did not fit well, I had to file the plastic away for it to fit into the hole. Before we went into the immobiliser, we looked at testing the spark again - none - and then double checked the ignition. We had a spare ignition pack in hand to test, to rule out that as an issue. It was a new Topran ignition fitted in December, which worked fine to start with. Fitted the used ignition pack, and it fired straight up. Hopefully this will help someone in the future going through the same thing. Thanks for all the guidance! Have since been for a drive and visit to the fuel station, good to be back on the road hearing it sing at 6000rpm! Cheers Dan
  10. Hello, Thanks again for all the input. there is no spark but I can smell fuel (although it’s an odd smell as I’m not yet smelling right after having Covid) whilst I’m trying to start (cranking, but not firing). recent plugs and leads, and ignition pack. It cranks but no sign of the Rev counter moving. I plugged in the Vagcom which did not show any rpm’s when the engine was cranking. Purchased the crank sensor while there was stock left at heritage so I can rule that out hopefully. how do you change the hall sensor? Its got the later type ignition pack rather than a dizzy - although I’m not clued up on these matters whatsoever!! thanks again
  11. 109 / 167 Relays tried from a working rado vr6, with no joy. ignition is nearly new (heritage part), was running fine after fitting at Christmas. I’ve removed it, checked and plugged back in again can smell fuel during starting and can hear pump priming so that side seems fine. was looking to replace crank sensor next with one from heritage as attached. Have I missed anything? Thank you
  12. Ah ok thank you all. my mate down the road has another one (rado vr6) so I’m going to be talking to him nicely about borrowing relays and possibly the crank sensor. Thank you!
  13. With the key in reader coil and new ignition switch plugged in, it again won’t start. it turns over but will not fire. Rev counter does not move when it’s turning over. relay 167 and 109 look good! As there is no spark, would crank sensor be the next logical place to go? thanks all!
  14. That’s a plan! Will give that a go. Thanks for the input!
  15. Hello all I’ve tried a few things tonight and confirmed - no spark rear spoiler works when ignition is on connections to crank sensor are clean Relay in position 12 looks perfect when covers removed all fuses in board by relays are good as mentioned above, Ive tried a new ignition switch first which didn’t work... although when I did it I used a screwdriver rather than a key to turn switch, will that make a difference? any suggestions of what to try next appreciated! Thanks 🙏
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