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  1. Hi all, after a rocker cover stud for an 8v - N10186301 Anyone got one spare? Sent using Tapatalk
  2. [emoji106] [email protected] Sent using Tapatalk
  3. Hi All, can someone confirm where this bracket mounts for the lambda sansor on a G60 - can't find it on etka. Thx
  4. Trying to find these clips if anyone can help 👍 For a G60 but not sure if they are common to others, can't find a part number on ETKA
  5. Anyone know the part number for these clips on a G60? Also interested if anyone has any 👍
  6. Thanks @Bauhaus 👍
  7. Got a green cable coming from the engine bay to the fuse box, test shows it coming from the digifant connector on the highlighted pin Anyone have any ideas? Can't seem to find it on any wiring diagrams
  8. Thanks @Crasher, much appreciated 👍
  9. Morning, If anyone can provide some direction on Oil pressure sensors for a G60 it would be much appreciated, Ekta, Bentley and the original parts I have all seem different - query relates to the one on the RH of the head where the charger takeoff is and the one on the top of the oil filter housing I have 068 919 081 and 056 919 081C but not sure which way around they were when removed: 068 919 081 marked 0.15-0.45bar (black) 056 919 081C marked 1.4 +/-0.2 bar (black) Bentley shows Head - 0.3bar (brown) Oil Filter - 1.4bar (black) Etka Head 028 919 081 H oil pressure switch 0,25BAR M10X1 (blue) Oil filter: 2 056 919 081 oil pressure switch 1,8BAR M10X1 (white) (2) 068 919 081 D oil pressure switch 1,4BAR M10X1 (black) (2) 068 919 081 C oil pressure switch 0,9BAR M10X1 (grey) Thanks
  10. Morning all, looking to run the engine loom as close to stock as possible, has anyone got any pics of the general cable route from the headwall nr the coil across the engine? In particular route from alt to starter, head to temp sensors/oil sensors and ISV Thanks
  11. Thanks [emoji106] Sent using Tapatalk
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