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  1. Thanks Cressa, please let me know details etc via PM Cheers
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone has an uprated headlight loom available? I've tried PM to Sean but they get bounced. Any idea if they'll be available again soon before the winter nights set in? Any other recommendations also appreciated Many thanks
  3. Hi mate, I'm interested in the rear lights. PM sent. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'd like 2 if they're still available please. Many thanks
  5. I think I've found one now thanks, & it was the brake pedal position sensor I was after! Thanks for the help chaps, much appreciated as always.
  6. Lilfuzzer - no problem. Thank you for checking, hope they turn up eventually! Dragon green - thanks for the tip. If I can't find one will be in touch with Vince at Stealth. Thanks for your help Cheers
  7. Hi, no don't think so - pretty sure they're obsolete. I'd be interested if you do have a working one. Many thanks
  8. Hi, I'm after a Brake Pedal Position Sensor for my 95 VR. Mine's gone intermittent. Any help greatly appreciated Cheers
  9. Hi, is this still available? Cheers
  10. Received mine today, top quality product. Thank you Matt.
  11. I popped in, mentioned your name, they handed me a green ticket, didn't even blink! Seriously I went down there, a different dude was testing today. I explained that I'd freed the valve but would like to have a chat about the top mounts as I'd been advised they were supposed to be like that etc (explained what you said). I must say he was very compliant and after reading the notes, having a look & a phone call with his area manger said 'yep your mate's right, you can't be failed on that' & stuck it in as an advisory. So YAY thanks loads
  12. Got my pass today, :clap: thank you for your help
  13. Great, thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated. :D If I could email you a pint it would be on it's way! Cheers
  14. CorradoVR6-Turbo have done what you advised thank you. The lever now moves when the brake pedal is pressed, but not by much, in fact it's almost imperceptle to see but if you put your finger on it you can feel it. I think it moved more the first time the pedal was applied, but could be mistaken. Is this normal? Do I now have a working valve? Thanks
  15. OK been under the car today, if I'm looking at the right thing, the valve has 4 thin brake pipes going to it and a sprung linkage, just in front of the rear axle (it's on the passenger side on mine) If this is it, it doesn't seem to be seized - the linkage moves approx 5mm when I push or pull it. I've sprayed it with WD40 and waggled it some more but it doesn't want to move more than that. Is that normal? Is there any other way to test it's functioning ok, should it move when the brake is applied (I'm doing this on my own so have to wedge the brake pedal down)? Cheers for any help Thanks
  16. Thanks chap, will do. He was a bit of a sniffy g!t anyway! Cheers.
  17. CorradoVR6-Turbo - Thanks, I really appreciate the help, sorry for sounding a div but should I quote the VT40 check list info to the tester then? If not any advice on how should I approach it? The valve will be WD40'd and waggled tomorrow, thanks for the pic - I assume there's one on each side of the car as nearside is quoted on the fail? Cheers
  18. Thanks for the help so far, much appreciated Will query with the garage in the morning as to whether the car was jacked for the Macpherson strut test or not. Having since dug out my last MOT this was an advisory last year at the same garage, different inspector though & didn't take the advise note/old MOT today. Relevent? Regarding the brake valve linkage, I'll give it a go with the WD40, anyone have a photo of what to spray it at? Thanks guys, really appreciate the help Cheers
  19. Hi All My N Reg VR has failed it's MOT today on Front Macherson strut has excessive movement at the upper attachment (2.5.A.1c) - Both sides Nearside brake load sensing valve linkage seized (2.6.E.4) Was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on 1) Which parts may need replacing/repairing 2) If any special tools etc are required (eg clamps etc) 3) The size of the jobs Any help greatly appreciated Many thanks
  20. Hi All Question is on behalf of my old man who's got a 16V. Recently his oil cooler lunched itself causing much mayo all over the place in the cooling system etc. His mechanic has fixed it and cleaned out the system but now even when the engine is cold, the over temp light comes on (flashing). The fan's kicking in at temperature and the engine isn't overheating so thinking this could be a sensor/wiring issue? Question is, where is the sensor, could it be crudded up with mayo, can it be checked? Any suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks
  21. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I've tried all the latency settings to no avail. Anyone got any further ideas? Cheers
  22. Update - tried on a Passat and works fine on that too. Any help guys? Cheers
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