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  1. After n early offside headlight or just lense if you have one?
  2. As title corrado vr6 front engine mount bracket needed. Pm me if you have one.
  3. As title. Looking for a clean set. Drivers door elec window switches and a headlight switch all late spec. Oh and a seat tilt lever.
  4. billinjah

    US spec bits!

    I've got a tailgate with 3rd brake light if your interested £120
  5. ok obviously rears are just discs the fronts ive been told there is a 5 stud drive flange i can press into the 16v bearing then use a vr6 outer cv. i tried just fitting the vr6 hub to the 16v wishbone but obviously this is the wrong way to go as ive ended up with the whell sitting in totally the wrong place anyone done this can help?
  6. Anyone fancy just looking under their bonnet for me much appreciated!
  7. Can anyone tell me the colour of the wire that should go to the water temp sender and also which sender is the water temp sender? (1990 16v) Cheers guys!
  8. 16vt is a stunniing motor! although big bucks to get right!
  9. pics soon! and yes i think i can safely say this will be going the same way as the last one but this will be built more for my enjoyment not just to win shows famous last words i know! have a look in my wanted ad see if any of you lot have anything!
  10. Full circle time guys almost 2 yrs since i sold the rado im back in a vr had itchy feet to build something again so mission starts here picked up a beauty with sorted chassis and motor and its booked into the paintshop for something a bit different! im gonna charge it so on the hunt for a sensible priced charger kit atm. pics up very soon once i get a decent connection!
  11. billinjah


    looks good mate! can you let me know if you want the mats or not mate im holding them for you.
  12. is the pb mk2 8v bottom crank pulley the same as the pg/ih bottom pulley? (the one the cambelt runs on?)
  13. like i said bro me an bally have been playing with rados for years so a new project in the club is so cool just dont let bally put a climbing frame in the back! :lol: :lol: oh and badged FTW!
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