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  1. the tourist, id give it an 8, good to take a girl too ;)
  2. ok after much thought and the garage telling me they would have to take the whole dash off to fix it, and also telling me i need to go to a breakers my sel;f to get the cable. i took the pasenger footwell bit out and withing 2 mins i have located the flap. i now have heaters!!!
  3. love this car, good to see you stil have her john :)
  4. ok a few thumbs up there, thans for the input :) atm it looks like this i quite like the look of (having big feet with the white)
  5. just curious, does this colour c work with white wheels? i did a quick photoshop. apologies if my taste is off
  6. welcome to the forum :) how are you finding her? :)
  7. mistrall


    good reason to stay off drugs imo!
  8. wonder if she has a sister :norty: :norty: :norty:
  9. sounds like it may be a fueling issue to me but im not a mechanic hehe, I had a similar problem with my old valver - had to adjust a screw somwere if i recall - not much help though im afraid as it was a while back. mabe somone could sudgest were it is
  10. i feel like a pilot hehe, so where are the flaps? :shrug: :epicfail:
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