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  1. I can get cheap van hire so could possibly deliver if you covered costs - let me know!
  2. Now that we don't have a Corrado anymore, the last remaining parts from the '93 Flash Red valver we broke are up for sale: Bodywork Driver's door, complete with everything except door cards/speakers/inner handles, very minor paint bubbling at bottom, no dents or scratches - £60 Passenger door, complete with everything except door cards/speakers/inner handles, no dents, rust or scratches - £80 Driver's wing, no dents or scratches, complete with side repeater and rubber strip, small area of bubbling paint at front of arch - £30 Passenger wing, no dents, scratches or rust, complete with side repeater and rubber strip - £45 Late bonnet, very good condition, few tiny marks, £50 Tailgate, small area of rust at corner of glass, no wiper motor or spoiler - £20 Early rear bumper in Tornado Red - perfect for a respray/smoothing - £20 Slam panel, good condition - £40 Sunroof panel, good condition - £25 Door and boot seals, good condition - £15 each or £35 for all three Spoiler, badly painted white - £10 Interior Black bench rear seat with red/green flecks, good condition - £20 Late black door cards - £30 Headlining, few marks, no cracks - £15 Central Locking pump - £10 Black main carpet, bit grubby but not holed - £20 Various B/C pillar trims in black - £10 3x sunroofs: one with good chassis and motor but broken arms, one with bent chassis and no motor but good arms, one with no motor and broken arms but good chassis - £40 for all 3 Steering column plus key - £25 Oily Bits Front subframe inc. wishbones, ARB and rear engine mounts - £30 Front subframe inc. front engine mount - £20 PAS rack, no apparent leaks - £20 9A inlet manifold upper+lower, inc. injectors/pipes, bit tatty - £20 Fuel pump/filter assembly - £15 Exhaust front pipe/silencer - £10 Engine bay wiring loom, 90% complete, good for connectors etc - £15 Audi S2 exhaust manifold, perfect for turbo conversion (chop off 5th cylinder) - £40 Downpipe - £10 Washer bottle - £10 Magnecor Red silicon ignition leads - £30 ISV - £10 KR Inlet cam - £15 8v Mk2 Golf front hubs/carriers - £10 256mm front discs/pads, surface corrosion but barely used - £10 Prices are for collection from GU24 postcode (Woking, Surrey), postage available for post-able stuff. Alternatively, as I'd like to get rid of all of it, if someone would like to come down with £350 cash and a van, you can have everything Corrado-related that I can find (there's more besides this)! To be honest, I'd prefer to do this, so willing to wait a few days to see if anyone wants this deal. You could easily make £2-300 profit selling it all separately. Cheers!
  3. I have a pair in Flash Red but am in Surrey...
  4. I have a flash red late bonnet in fairly decent condition - PM'd.
  5. Looks nice - whereabouts in the 'boro are you? Don't recall seeing you around...
  6. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Goofy's not the only one coming home ;)
  7. Well, the Golf's up for sale as we need funds for this, and although it might take a while :lol: watch this space...
  8. Jim, I stand corrected then as I've only ever seen 1.8s on a J-plate...! Fwiw, all 1.8 16Vs are early body/early interior, and all 2.0 16Vs are late body but can be late or early interior (changed on a K-plate I believe).
  9. J-reg is early spec... 2.0 valvers with late body/early interior came out on a K-plate...
  10. Cheers mate - think they'll get done black soon... Your Mk2 makes mine look a state though, yours is in rather better condition!
  11. All in good time...! :lol: Couple of pics on the new wheels and with the lighting sorted... Really need to buy a proper digicam soon though! And give the car a polish... :oops:
  12. 2nd hand off Ed38 classifieds... They pop up on the 'bay from time to time, usually go for about £30 a set for original Hellas... Mine are the std 16V top-smoked ones.
  13. All suspension bushes Lupo wipers Headlight loom 288mm front brakes with braided hoses f&r Then start thinking about mods... ;) Oh, but keep some money back for when the heater matrix goes (it will).
  14. Yup, nice enough car but the engine sound is laaaaaaaaamo... :lol: Spend the £6k difference on the C...!
  15. Well, the orange lighting has already been replaced with smoked stuff all round, and the BBS 14s have been replaced by a set of Sebrings, which may get painted depending on whether I can be bothered... Oh, and I reckon it needs to go lower, but considering the last 50m of Laura's drive to work (those of you who've been to The Phirm will know what I mean!), this might not happen... Other than that, she's just going to get tidied and driven hard!
  16. Cheers mr student, I'll have a think if there's anything I need! You can really see where the Corrado gets part of its really great handling from, the Mk2s are just so chuckable!
  17. Well, retro as the Mk2 Polo saloon was, after it tried to kill Laura on her way to work (that'll be me forgetting to shut the bonnet properly then :oops: ), and the acquisition of a small amount of funding, a decision was made to get something a bit bigger and more solid... Presenting... Miss G :) Bit of a blurry camera phone pic from Ed38, but she seemed to enjoy being surrounded by Corrados! I have a few plans as and when finances allow, but the main thing is she's mechanically solid and has had a lot of money spent on the brakes, suspension, maintenance, etc over the last few years under the previous owner's care (cheers Rudi!). Not sure how long she'll be staying but there's a fight over the keys every morning, and I usually lose... ;) Better pics soon I think, when she's had a proper wash!
  18. Looking good mate, and you know only the elite drive aqua blues... ;) :lol: Looking forward to Grommet getting to meet Miss G sometime soon, aye...!
  19. Could be oil pressure warning I reckon...
  20. blue/white = Speed sensor feed brown/red = Ignition live black = +12v to aerial amplifier (switched feed from head unit) grey/blue = illumination feed (to turn on head unit illumination when the lights are switched on) red/white = permanent live brown = earth
  21. What offset are your Borbets? My other half used to have 9x16s with an offset of ET15 on her valver (same track width as G60), return lips on the rear arches were trimmed back so nothing major, and she was down about 80-90mm with no rubbing... What tyres have you got though? She had 215/46-16s on them.
  22. Sorry to hear about this mate - never mind the car, glad to hear that it wasn't anything major and that you and the missus are ok... :) If you do manage to find something out re. buying the car back off the insurers, gimme a call/text (assuming you still have my number!) as Laura and I may be able to help you sort it out with minimal amount of grief... ;)
  23. ah, but do you mean an actual "rat", or "rat-look"? ;) Proper rats have a sound chassis and a mental engine, without the bodywork being tarted up - rat-look I see as a cheap slow car that's been artificially aged and has "comedy" stickers etc... Matt paint, however, when done right... ;)
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