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  1. Yes! definately.... :) Kev - had thought of that, but as my spoiler doesn't actually work I figured we could get away with it for now.... :roll:
  2. Thanks guys! Kip, I'll go give that a Google :) Sound like what we are after though, nice one. Delfinis38 - my Rado does have the flat rear bench but getting 2 heavy full suss bikes in and out the back, plus kit and spares, without taking chunks out of the rear panel or bumper is just getting annoying!
  3. Anyone got any experience of using a bike rack on their Rado? Looking for one of the high level ones that will carry the bikes at rear window height due to my paranoia of carrying bike at bumper level, getting hit and damaging both my bike and my car in one! Getting sick of having to dismantle bikes to get them in the car - especially when muddy - and taking our Jeep all the way to Afan etc will bankrupt us.... Ta muchly! :)
  4. Sorry guys - haven't been able to get on here the last couple of weeks. Taking a note of all requests now and will get back to you all asap... :)
  5. Right - Late heater controls..... I hope your all sitting down for this :) Part no 536 819 054 Retail cost £190.10 + Vat. Currently 4 UK Stock. If you are able to order directly from TPS and you ask really nicely you should be able to get them for £174.89 plus Vat, which is a little better. But only a little.
  6. OK, so... Grilles... Early version – 09/88 – 07/91 Part No – 535 853 653 041 4 available – retail cost £40.31 + Vat Late version – 08/91 – 07/95 Part no – 535 853 653A 01c 4 available – retails cost £40.31 + Vat
  7. Yup, that would be fine if you want to start it. Can people make sure to include which engine and year the C is that they are trying to get bits for. Cheers!
  8. Just as a thought on this subject: if anyone does have any questions over the price or availibility of Corrado parts then drop the info to me in a PM and I will check the availibility with VW (I work in TPS so have access to VW stock levels). I'd hate to see anyone get ripped off over a part that may be still available cheaper brand new from a dealer! :)
  9. Anyone know Red 2.0ltr 16v - K287 SSU? Sold by me Dec 05 and records show its been sold on twice since then, would love to know she is still going strong :)
  10. off the top of my head I think the no is 021 103 483d - can check it later if needbe.
  11. .... and there is potentially a good home waiting for it.... :)
  12. Sweet Disposition from that album was a free download on iTunes about 3 weeks ago... damned good track, I put it on our radio show the same week 8) Yeah, brilliant song. Makes me feel happy and sad and reflective in equal meassure. Went to see The Temper Trap in London last week, they were absolutely amazing...! Love their sound, it's very unique.... If you like them check out their support band Goldhawks - http://www.myspace.com/goldhawks - as yet unsigned but pretty damn good!
  13. *waves* Hello everyone... :) Yes, we have indeed moved to a new purpose built workshop, and it's AWESOME!!! No muddy lane, no more working out in the rain, no more doorless toilet and most importantly no more cold, damp, dungeon-like office..! Woo Hoo..! If any of you are going past please do pop in, we don't have the Klix machine yet, but I will stick the kettle on! The atmosphere is still the same, don't worry about that, its just a much nicer environment. New address is Unit 2, Winkworth Business Park, Hartley Wintney, Hook, RG27 8WP. We are right at the side of the A30 so no more trudging round country lanes for hours trying to find us. Cheers! Laura
  14. I'm 99% certain I had press pics of a white G60 when I was a kid.... (which in itself is a bit sad, but....)
  15. Dunno... looking through paper work now to see if it makes sense.... TBH only checking this out for my own Corrado Geekiness...! Would be uber cool if it was as its stock standard and has been well looked after....
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