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  1. Welcome along, Living in Kilkenny. Tax is extortionate in the South, Im running a G60, tax is €636 per year !!!
  2. Ran a VAG Com on it and it showed up the voltage error but no sensor error ??? 2234 Supply voltage too high or low Battery voltage above/below 16/10v, Faulty wiring, wiring connections, fuse S54 or ABS relay Tried a friends ABS ECU in it and lights stayed off but it was only a quick test (short spin - 100 yards). i hopefully will be picking up an ABS ECU today, will keep you posted. KipVR: From what I can see its only the 79 relay that is supposed to click when ignition turned on. Rob.
  3. Should both 79 & 179 ABS relays click when ignition turned on?
  4. Update... Replaced right side abs ring as well as a wheel bearing, ball joint, dust shield and track rod end (while i was at it). Took car for test drive, light came on again, gave it one more try before returing to shed, light stayed off for test drive ... However ... on test run I actually had to use the brakes hard and the ABS kicked in and worked but in doing this it seems to have SH*T itself ABS now light now comes on and goes off when ignition key turned but sometimes it comes on again after a few seconds without the car moving, you can hear the abs pump kicking in/testing when the light comes on. Otherwise it will come on when i get it the magic 10mph or there abouts. New codes are blinking: 1233 FL SPEED SENSOR 1241 FR SPEED SESNOR 1311 RL 1243 RR 2234 Supply voltage too high or low Battery voltage above/below 16/10v, Faulty wiring, wiring connections, fuse S54 or ABS relay Does all four sensors indicate an issue with the ABS ECU? I have checked all grounds, wiring, connections on ABS Unit and on ABS ECU. I have not as yet replaced or tested the Relay. Is there any way of testing the relay out of the car? I am pulling my hair out at this satge and there could be a g60 for sale very shortly ...............
  5. This is a great thread, as G owner myself with a standard G set up Iam interested in the mods you are making that make a difference while not going ott on the car also. Is that a standard suspension? Keep you the great work and the posts also.
  6. Hi Dox, I get the same code if i unplug the sensor at the suspect corner and of course the light stays on rather than coming on and then going off. But I have also blinked a code 4133 from the ABS light on the dash but can not find any reference on the web or Bentley manual for this. I Ordered an abs ring in light of the test you suggested at £12 its worth a try. Any Idea on the 4133 code, it may also be worth mentioning I have to connect the brown(earth) to the blue/white wire under the gear gaiter to flash the codes rather than the yellow as seems to be the case in most posts for blinking codes, I get no codes when i connect to the yellow wire. (Pic attached) anyone.... I have tried to a attached a video of the 4133 blink but its too large it just in case i am reading it wrong - Link below http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/robster1977/media/4133FlashCode.mp4.html Rob.
  7. Thanks for the reply Dox, If i unplug the sensor the light stays on when I turn the key and start the engine, it doesnt go out at any stage, I didnt unplug however and blink for a code but will do this evening. Front Right I would think is Driver side (UK & Ireland), right side if you were sitting in the car looking out. From what i recall from changing the sensor last year it blinked front right and and it was indeed the drivers side sensor that was broken. Rob. Rob.
  8. Hello All, Before someone gets on to me about the numerous ABS threads that are on this site and the web about the corrado ABS system I think I have read them all at this stage so I am hoping someone could shed a light on this for me. This issue has been plaguing me since last year but since I only drive the car for 6 months of the year i am determined to get to the end of it this year. All opinions advice welcome. Background; 92 G60 Corrado. ABS light comes on when ignition started and then goes out. ABS light comes back on when starting to roll, there is a rare time it comes again without rolling. Blinked code: 1241 - Right Front Rotor or Speed Sensor After testing resistance of the right front sensor last year I replaced a shot right front wheel speed sensor and light did go out for about 2 months. Light is back on all the time now when driving and giving the same blink code, 1241. The Sensor I put in it last year was a spurious sensor and the resistance was a little lower than the others (bot still within spec) on the car when tested this year so i replaced it again with a new VW sensor £££ that was within the same resistance range as the other - still no joy. I have inspected the the ABS ring for a bent ring, roundness, distance from Sensor (1.5mm) same as left hand side of car), teeth, damaged, cracks, etc. and it appears perfect. I have done a continuity test in the abs wiring between the wire on the top mount and the sensor connection with no loss of connection. Next Step: Check wiring for continuity between connection at top mount and the connection into the abs unit. I do have a Bentley manual and have attached the wiring diagram for the Right Front Sensor but I do have a question over the "ABS Sensor Condenser" the diagram is showing, I have highlighted the relative sensor wiring in a yellow box on the drawing. Questions are: 1) does anyone know the colour of the wires at the ABS connection block that relate to the Right front Wheel sensor, Bentley just says black wires. 2) will this condenser obscure the results I will get As I said before all advice will be taken on board. I know people will say replace the rotor but before I throw more money at it is there anything else I could check? Cheers, Rob.
  9. robster


    Pistons are genuine PG engine pistons so should be ok Glad I could help in some way to getting you sorted :clap:
  10. robster


    Talking of pistons being installed backwards. I remember seeing a picture of your engine when you were replacing the head gasket the first time round and your pistons appear to be from a cross flow SEAT engine were the spark plug is located to the rear of the engine rather than the front as in a G60 engine, so effectivly you seem to have more squish area to the front of the engine which will be pushing the mixture away from the spark plug which is not ideal. Maybe this is the root of your headgasket issues!! :shrug: Ahhh... Here we go...a theory that might be worth looking into! :D viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1727&hilit=jdub&start=150 Pistons have an arrow on top of each one which at to be inserted pointed at belt side of block Will i need bigger rings if just honing the cylinders?? Dont forget me lads :wave:
  11. Good Lord I have created a MONSTER !! Quote: hmmm... interesting.... I'll PM the mod squad and get them to take this out of this thread and put it in a new thread of its own as this is really interesting stuff. (sorry to those who don't find it interesting... and sorry to Robster for hi-jacking his thread... ) :wave: Its ok, interesting readng all the same :notworthy: Do feel free to check in on my post every now and again :grin:
  12. robster


    If you're replacing the rings, and re-honing the cylinders, it shouldn't matter a hoot which piston goes in which hole as long as the gudgen pins are retained with the correct pistons... (and you put 'em in the correct way around! :lol: ) Cheers Henny, Pistons have not been seperated from rods so pins in right place :) Thanks for the help lads, will let yu know how it goes. Anyone ever tried this cowrd? www.germanautoparts.com they are US but seem straight enough, parts seem accurate and i am having difficulty getting parts here in Ireland, Rang GSF and they said they don't do and corrado G60 parts :shrug: :brickwall:
  13. robster


    If I'm honest with you sound like a recipe for disaster or at least a short engine life. If you want to just hone the bores re-ring the pistons and do the bearing shells I have an engine in store down near Devon. £50 and it's yours, I've never seen the engine and bought it unseen but have just never got round to collecting it. You'd have to collect it though! Failing that save up and get some new lager pistons and have the engine rebored. hth Oh your in Ireland!! Never mind! :lol: Thanks for the offer though, appreciated, was going to hone the block as well alright Would cost a few quid with DHL :lol:
  14. robster


    Rebuildng second engine soon to replace current one, only thing is that the 2nd engine when i got it was already split as seller needed one piston for his car and removed all other pistons in the process. I have managed to pick up a piston but unfortunately seller can not remember which of the 3 pistons he gave me went in which cylinder. I plan to replace main and rod bearing, hone the cylinders and put in new rings but am i taking a chance when not knowing which piston originally belonged to which cylinder or will this be ok :shrug: . Pistons are not numbered as it was an early engine. Engine Code PG G60 All advice appreciated.
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