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  1. long time no see :) just to let you know the bora is up for sale again £1500 :)
  2. wow! new forum looks spanky! anywaaaaaaaaaay,its that time of year for a change again,soooooo if anyone fancies a nice v6 4 motion drop me a pm an as soon as i get round to it i will be making an advert :) dont really have proper tinternet at the min :(
  3. OOoooo that makes it rare :D tbh with fuel costs i dont watch the speedo anymore an just watch the mpg computer,cant afford to give it the toe end lol
  4. well the borat did me proud in all this bad weather,but she aint cheap to feed lol
  5. yeah i tried to swap him for my cloth recaros before he sold up lol
  6. nooo my mate is called rich (g60griff),if you check out my members thread you will see the car how it used to look :) viewtopic.php?f=11&t=29983
  7. OOooo my mates old g60 as turned back up :) he still misses this car,as it still got the sexy porker interior ?
  8. hope it comes before i move out,or it will get binned lol
  9. no help but i bought the last 50mm in uk,an got it for 30quid woooop!
  10. took the 4 mo out last night an this morning,an it just feels so safe on the roads,think i sold the rado at the right time :)
  11. picture of what your calendar looks like in the flesh lol
  12. so you went with my dhl pic an my avatar one after all lol take a pic of the first calendar so i can have a ganders before i part with my hard earned lol
  13. so can we not just stick with the 12quid one :scratch:
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