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  1. Another one for the list: Just German Parts Ltd Unit 2, Charter Mill Fairfield Street Accrington Lancashire BB5 0LG http://www.justgermanparts.co.uk 07941037756
  2. Anyone have any ideas on this? Still unable to find any details what so ever. The numbers on the label are 7701351505 and YKR0328W. When I type the part number into the Garrett search, the first 5 numbers are found but then disappear after that. The only Garrett turbo I can find which start with 77013 are for the Renault 5 GT which I think is a T2 or T25 turbo. This just looks a little too big to be one of those.
  3. Anyone have any ideas on this? Still unable to find any details what so ever. The numbers on the label are 7701351505 and YKR0328W. When I type the part number into the Garrett search, the first 5 numbers are found but then disappear after that. The only Garrett turbo I can find which start with 77013 are for the Renault 5 GT which I think is a T2 or T25 turbo. This just looks a little too big to be one of those.
  4. Yeah, those bad boys are the biz...sadly out of my price range though :( . I'm only looking to run around 300bhp to start so trying to find a good intermediate unit which will give me a bit of scope later on down the line.
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  6. Hi Chaps, As I mentioned before, I bought a basic used turbo kit a while back and I've been adding to it with some nice new bits. Got the Schimmel log on it's way (cheers to emu for that!) and now I'm turning my attention to the turbocharger. The charger that came with the kit looks as though it came off an escort cossy. No one is quite sure exactly what it is or weather it will be up to the job. I'm looking to make a reliable (non tyre shredding) 300bhp but I'm not sure this turbo will be up to the job (see attached pics). If I decide to start a fresh, what would you guys recommend as a good starting point? I was thinking the Garrett T04E with 0.82 housing...???
  7. Yeah that's what I thought but it came off a MK3 2.8 VRT. The manifold has no markings what so ever. The guy at Turboforce said that it would be good for up to about 6-7 psi which makes sense as the MK3 VRT was running stock compression and a rising rate FPR. He said he was getting 260bhp from it at 6pi of boost...
  8. Hi guys, I recently came into posession of a turbo charger when I bought a job lot of turbo bits on the cheap. I can't for the life of me find out exactly what model it is or what it's off! It looks to me a though it's a Garrett T3. I've tried entering the serial number on the Garrett website but the number disappears after about 5 digits. It's been overhauled at some stage and has had a replacement Garrett serial number added. I've since taken it to a turbo specialist and he isn't sure either. He reckons it's a T3 off an Escort Cosworth but he's not certain. Whatever it is, I need to know if it's going to do the job on my VRT conversion. HELP!!!
  9. The RAC don't give a feck if your car isn't some kind of super car. I broke down on the motorway not so long ago and had the car jacked up. When the RAC guy arrived for some reason he decided to start pushing the car to see if the jack was secure instead of using his own proper one and the car fell off the jack and cracked all the sill. Not so much as a sorry from the guy either! As far as dodgy mechanics go, these days I do as much work on the car as I can myself. Even if it takes me twice as long! :D
  10. Yeah, I never let the C out of my site these days. There's something about these cars that seems to attract idiots. I once left my car at a garage for a change of hub and bearings. It ended up there for a whole week due to them struggling to find the parts. Was on a night out in town and saw my own car drag racing down the main road at 1am. I won't tell you what happened when I went to pick the car up on the Monday but lets just say I got my moneys worth! ;)
  11. That's great thanks! Just had a read through the first few pages and looks almost exactly the model I want to follow. Got some clearing out in the garage to do before I can make a start but hopefully I'll be ready to go soon once I source the rest of the bits. Might be back to pick your brains again if I get stuck if that 's ok. Cheers again for the advice and links!!!
  12. Well in that case, I think I will stick to the RRFPR route for now. Stealth isn't too far away so if I can get things up and running, I can always drive down and get Vinces' thoughts on bringing it up to the next level. It will also free up some cash to uprate a few other bits and pieces and tidy up the bay as I want the install to be as clean as possible. When you did yours for the first time, did you do the headwork yourself and what kind of experience did you have at the time? I'm pretty new to all of this but I like a challenge. Is there a head spacer you would recommend as I've seen a few different types. Am I right in thinking that some spacers come in 3 pieces?
  13. Cheers for the advice, really appreciate it! It all seems kinda daunting at the moment but I'm kinda getting a good picture of what to expect when I get stuck in. I've no idea what make the RRFPR is as there are no markings on it. I've attached a pic of it if this is any use...The guy I bought it off said the setup was making 260bhp so I assumed I would have to make a few changes to get up to 300. I'm definately going to upgrade the cooling and go for a chargecooler rather than the intercooler. Super impressive system, not just on the cooling side but it just seems neat, tidy and stealthy. Have you had any experience with the barrel type coolers at all? The thing that got me started on upgrading the kit from the RRFPR was this: http://www.c2motorsports.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=130&category_id=110&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=58 I came across this the other day and for the price it looks really good. It's supposed to be good for 300bhp (which is exactly what I'm aiming for) and uses the standard FPR and MAF. So many options to consider, just can't quite decide. Thanks for the tip about the Voltage clamp too!
  14. OK guys, this may be a long story but bear with me..... A couple of weeks ago, the headgasket went on the VR and has been sat on the drive whilst I've been wondering what to do with it. It's the second time in 2 years that it's happened and I'm reluctant to have it fixed again due to cost. A few years ago, I bought a used turbo kit which had been fitted to a MK3 VR6 Golf and has been lying around in my garage whilst I cracked on with the interior, which is now completed. As I need to replace the headgasket, I figured now would be a good time to crack on down the turbo route. I'm planning to do all the work myself but I'm not a mechanic by any means and would like as much info from the guys in the know as possible. The kit itself is an oldschool setup using a Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator and ran off the standard ECU. I assume he used the standard headgasket too as he only ran at a maximum of 6psi. I'm planning to strip bits from the kit that I need, do away with the RRFPR and add everything else as I go along. My goal is to achieve around 300bhp and to keep costs to an absolute minimum with a view to expaning the setup futher down the line. I still use the car daily (well, I did should I say) and I want to keep as much of the stock items if I can such as stock inlet manifold and gearbox etc. Here is what I have at present: Garrett T3 Turbo Exhaust manifold Dump Valve RRFPR Downpipe Oil feed lines Boost Guages Intercooler (the small letterbox type) Pipework I've noticed that there is no wastegate and what looks like a lambda sensor attached to the flange on the exhaust manifold in it's place??? Any advice on what I need to complete the kit would be really appreciated and where to find the parts (UK if possible). As I said before, I'm no mechanic so it's going to be steep learning curve for me. Before deciding on doing this, I toyed with the idea of a 20vt swap....but I want to have the option to widen the boundries at some point....oh, and I just can't bear to drive it without that VR purrr!!! :)
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