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  1. For sale: Genunine VW rear backbox taken off of my VR6. Surface rust to incoming pipe but back box itself in good condition considering age. The suitcase silencer on my car rusted through so I got a new full system but this back box seems too good to chuck out. £5 collected from me in Studley, Warwickshire
  2. Yes VR6-2014 please come and get them!
  3. I get what your saying but I'd never put these rusty parts back on
  4. I have recently replaced the front and rear shocks and springs on my VR6. The old shocks and springs are covered in surface rust but we're functional when removed. Does anyone want them before I put them in the scrap metal bin? Collection from Studley, Warwickshire or pay for postage.
  5. I have a set of 4, just been professionally refurbished (blasted and powder coated) and not used since. Looking for £300, in Studley just south of Brum. Also have a single un-refurbished wheel if of interest.
  6. I bought those fuel lines from Heritage Parts recently, genuine VAG ones. Not cheap though. Interestingly I have the opposite problem, takes ages to fire from cold but starts on the button when warm.
  7. Think you can get them on ebay, called trumpets if its the part I am thinking off: looks abit like a miniature trumpet and has a nut which clamps onto the bonnet release cable?
  8. Is the Rayne Automotive loom the one to get? I need to buy one of these upgrade looms.
  9. Not the same on the corrado, the feeds might have larger unions (can't remember right now) but the one being discussed is one of the rear brake lines.
  10. Still for sale if anyone wants
  11. Yes this seems to be normal, mine is like it and at first I assumed someone had oversized it at one point due to a damaged threat. But now I think it may be so you know which line feeds which rear brake. When I replaced my brake lines a few months ago I got the correct size male end off of ebay. I think they were m12x1.0 3/16 unions.
  12. For sale, a new old stock genuine VW centre silencer, sometimes known as the suitcase silencer. I've had this in the garage for many years but never used, it is like new. Part number is 535 253 409K, I think it is for a 2.0 16v but may fit others. £60 Collection only from Studley, Warwickshire, due to size and weight.
  13. How much are you after for them? I'm only down the road...
  14. Kezbo

    Timing chains?

    There are cheaper (branded) kits on ebay
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