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  1. Only just saw this, £25 deposit sent.
  2. Hi I'll have one. With the 3 extra OE plugs eliminating the need for spade connections and returning full parking light functionality plus the 3rd relay preventing failure of both dip lights at same time, it looks like a well thought out upgrade to my previous upgraded loom (over 16 years old & which has given some corrosion/connection issues at battery and fuses in last couple of years.)
  3. I wasn't sure they were the same; probably why my search didn’t find that many. All ok now as the one I got appears ok.
  4. Hi Jon, I'd done some searching before finding Bestpartstore, didn’t find a lot of choice for suppliers of Valeo, there was one described as a genuine VW part for £110. I'm trying the partial dash out method described in a few postings, I've got some of it done. Hopefully over the weekend I'll get the heater box out and this one will fit ok.
  5. Hi Sean, seems that GSF vary which brands they sell, but anyway they said my car wasn’t on their supported list. The one I ordered only arrived today, turns out it wasn’t in stock and they had to get it in from Valeo. Don't know if it’s the right one yet, but its come with a foam gasket that fits around the inlet/outlet pipes, also a rectangular foam gasket and a length of adhesive backed foam.
  6. Thanks Jim, the part number in your link (VALEO 812031) led me to a forum posting "Hella Heater Matrix. Are they any good?" where someone had fitting issue with the GSF premium part. There was a supplier listed in there http://www.bestpartstore.co.uk/ which have the Valeo one. There was some confusion over part numbers as they were saying 812030 was the correct part, that post says part ending '30' is the LHD version and '31' is RHD. I've ordered 812031 from them so fingers crossed it’s the 'right' one. They are based in Germany, estimated to get here in a week, cost just under £50 with shipping. Thanks for the help. Tom
  7. Heater matrix started leaking earlier this year, I by-passed it at the time, but it's getting cold so now planning to take on job of replacing it. Want to get decent quality replacement so it lasts another 20 years :). Various sites have them listed for approx £25-35. Old posts on the forum recommend to get a Valeo OEM one from GSF. GSF's Ebay shop has a 'premium' quality one, manufacturer not specified for £50.52. GSFcarparts.com for what seems to be same one - GSF part # : 178VG0041 for £67.27 . VW part # : 1H2819031A / 1H2819031B I phoned GSF Ebay department to see if it’s a Valeo one. When I gave the registration he told me it would not fit as it only went up to 7/1995 and mine's 11/1995. I thought 7/1995 was probably when manufacturing of the Corrado stopped, but, he said going by data on his screen he couldn’t say this one would fit. We never got into discussing who made it. Does anyone know if this is the correct part and if its still a Valeo one or got any other advice on availability of an OEM matrix supplier?
  8. Switch arrived yesterday and I fitted it last night; lights all now working again. :) Great product and excellent service, thanks Matt and thanks to your 'lovely Mrs' for the rapid postage.
  9. Hi Matt, I've got a broken headlight switch. Can you pm me the details of how to get one of your new improved ones? Thanks Tom
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