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  1. Hi Lee, id be interested in the Sunroof seal and spark plug tool. £30 all in?
  2. Very interested. Been looking for a Storm all year to take back to a standard condition. PLease upload the pics so I can gauge the amount of effort and cash needed to take back to OEM Thanks Steve
  3. Hi, trying to find my old Corrado Storm M494 YWY I sold it in Apr 2014 and would be really interested to see where it is now, and hopefully get reaquanted... Its currently showing as not MOT'd and on SORN The guy I sold it to said he sold it via the forum to a chap in COrnwall Any help really appreciated Steve
  4. Lee, very interested. Can you pm me your number so I can call you over the weekend. Steve
  5. Hi, keen on this Can you please send pics and contact number to my pm Cheers Steve
  6. Thats great that you have it sold mate, looked a very nice car. For my own benefit can you confirm that you recieved any of my PM's, just to satisfy my own curiosity that my PM's were actually being sent to you. Cheers
  7. Id be interested in a phone call mate if youd be so kind as to pm me your number cheers
  8. Regretting selling my last one last year so looking for another mystic blue storm Any condition considered, running or not but please be realistic with price expectations and honest with description Not fan of green I’m afraid.... Cash waiting Thanks Steve
  9. Im very keen on this, also looking at a mint Mk4 golf anniversary - also a future classic..... Is there anyone near the Corrado that would maybe go and have a glance at it for me?
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