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  1. I've not seen one yet but I like the look of the new A3
  2. Trig

    Marcus VRT

    I think they look great mate. Glad they've gone to a good looking home. :)
  3. Holy shitbags I want that so badly. That's a good idea!
  4. Might as well post up a pic of mine after colour coding the grill surround. Far better IMO, gives it that nice stealth look rather than that fake chromey Rover look.
  5. Oh, probably just propaganda fed to me by the bloke I bought my car off then!
  6. New key and coding would have been a large chunk of that then, around the £500 mark aren't they?
  7. Black ones seem popular a well. How much or the wheels blown?
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong but weren't Jez (jezzaG60) and Si @ RK Rngineering doing this?
  9. Yeh follow yhat guide ^^^ Fan is under the passenger shelf. Have you checked the copper contacts on the speed dial?
  10. I agree as well. This is the whole reason that there's a Corrado Forum, it's a car that (despite its downfalls) feels like a family member for some strange reason!
  11. But as tonedef already said, as soon as you put a corner into the equation the quatro will make all the difference.
  12. Need to get that plastic on the rear colour coded Lee ;) Does look like a funny pic.
  13. Glass paint is your best bet. In my experience it makes very little difference though.
  14. Bad luck. I saw someone seling one for £150 on audi-sport (second hand obviously), or you could use it as an opportunity to upgrade... :twisted: . ...that'll teach you to slate them standard!
  15. All my money at the mo is being directed towards gadgets rather than cars which is a shame as there's stuff I need to do to the S3 and the C (so I can sell it!).
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