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  1. Hi guys, Just need some help with the throttle switch wires on a 1.8 16v, I believe that pin 1 is at the top and it's the black yellow wire but then I'm lost and the plug on my car is not original. It's the connection on th TB. If any one gets the chance to look 100 internets to them Cheers.
  2. Tell him to get on here and pm me, although it may be a bit steep for a non runner depending on condition and so on. Yeah dude TDI seems like a perfect car to me. I'm thinking late non pd AFN or just go for a PD. good thing about the AFN is that it is probs the best power to mpg that VW have made and less electronics than a PD. Choices choices ;)
  3. Hmm, could be interested in a project (I'm thinking of going TDI) what does he want for it? cheers
  4. bad luck mate, just keep a record of everything like when phone calls are made and who you speak to etc. Why not try and buy back the car and repair it your self even if its a write off?
  5. Seen yours mate, looks lovely but a bit much for my budget. good luck with your sale :)
  6. Hi Guys! Been quite a while since I have posted - last posted back in 2008 I think!! I'm thinking of coming back to the corrado world but there seems to be very few in the north near Newcastle? So basically if anyone has one for sale I would be happy to have a look - 2l16v or 8v would be perfect. Also if anyone is after a cheap B5.5 Passat TDI I have one for sale Cheers Chris
  7. Had a bad experience back in 2008 with them - I traveled a fair distance to see a mint bodies 16v, lets just say it was more than one colour! could have changed by now however.
  8. Hi ALL!! Long time no see! Hows everyone.. I have a quick question, i have posted on CGTI but its about Corrados so i have come back to see you all. I was reading an article about the new Scirocco today and the article mentioned a few of the reasons that the Corrado failed to sell well and why it was so expensive. One this they mentioned was the passive rear steering. Now we have all heard of this and i always put it down to the rear top mounts but the article mentioned that this was down to 'expensive toe adjusting bearings' that 'adjusted to match the front steering angles based on loading' Now the interesting thing here is that i have had a Corrado, 3 Golfs and 6 Sciroccos and i have always used the same rear bearings from GSF or ECP listed as golf1/2 have i been getting the wrong rear bearings all these years? Have all of us Corrado owners lived a lie? Further to this i have been looking on the ECP site and basically all rear bushes are listed for golf also, e.g 620440640 GOLF/JETTA MK2 RR AXLE BUSH GOLF/JETTA MK2 84-92 £14.65 and REPLACEMEN n/a 610440690 RUBBER STOP-LOWER PO/GO2/3/JE2/VE/CO Lower bearing ring £4.37 DANSK n/a 610440700 RUBBER STOP-UPPER PO/GO2/3/JE2/VE/CO Upper bearing ring SO whats the crack? Surely the rear of a corrado is meant to belong to the passat but i cant find any mention of it. Have ECP been selling the wrong parts for years?
  9. Hey all, Sorry its not a corrado question but i think you guys may be able to help. i want to know what it would take etc to get ABS on a mk1 chassis (in fact on a scirocco) I would probs use teh system of a 16v corrado or early mk3, just a 3 chan setup with no lanch etc. thanks any info is gr8 8)
  10. tool mods, thats what i like lol. the other option is an oxygen sensor socket, it has a side cut away to allow you to get hold of the alan or what ever depending on the strut.i got mine from that online tool shop, but the name escapes me. (Ill post if it comes back :))
  11. same in my old 2l, not sure if it was the right part or not as was done by previous owner.
  12. you can use the one from a golf (mk2) oil burner and they are solid rubber.
  13. sounds like pressure prob, you got any leaks - air or fuel
  14. Im fairly sure that you just need to place the dizzy back to its correct starting position on the 2l as it will adjust the timing from this base point. If its to far one way or the other it can not fully compensate as it only has something like 10 degrees of adjustment or something like that. basically get everything in the right place and its all good in my experiance a timing light to set the dizzy to about 6-8 degrees will normally give you a good base timing. good luck.
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