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  1. Sweet! PM received and replied to :thumbleft::thumbleft:
  2. Holy necro!! I don't suppose you have any rollers left do you? Cheers :)
  3. Sherry Pearl? J1** FAP in Norwich near county hall on Sunday at about 12 12-30ish? I was in my mate's car so didn't wave. Crystal rears - car looked sweet
  4. I got one from ebay yonks ago - the fit was fine - maybe worth dropping a few quid on one. You want a convex one to give a wider field of view. The missus's 'rocco has a flat mirror and it's dreadful.
  5. I'm 41 and owned my rado for 12 years (and 70,000 miles)
  6. Hi buddy - I've not logged on here for a while, so have only just seen this. I'm out in Reepham and have a mostly standard one. Drop me a message and we can meet up, if you still want to!
  7. So yeah - after a 300 mile round trip we now have this lady posing with her new stable-mate. 1992 GT2 1.8 8v on 32/34 Webers. She very clean :smug::smug:
  8. Cool - if you can that would be awesome! Let me know :)
  9. Hi all - I need a replacement gear selector cable part 1H0711265 It's the one that does the forward and backwards movement - the one with the rubber bush on the end. I only really need the cable as I have a Daves16v short shift mech fitted, but why? Meh - it was all going so well until the ***tard thing snapped. Luckily I was only a few miles from home and it got stuck in 2nd. I remember this being an ass of a job too - downpipe/cat off iirc. Sigh -.-
  10. Just take the abs bit out?
  11. All sorted - big thanks to lilfuzzer - cheers buddy :)
  12. OK, I'll order up the moly stuff as it's tried and tested. I should add I removed the old black rubber before fitting the new bit! Cressa, pm me your address and I'll pop a few bits in the post. I'll do a couple of different lengths to ensure you get the right fit and for when you drop one and lose it (ask me why I thought of that possibility lol)
  13. Mine did this the other week. I took the door card off and made sure the connections were all ok. I then rapidly flicked the switch up and down a few times, and it then started working again. Good luck :)
  14. Oil change done (with a ramp - bliss!!!) and fixed my none-sliding roof! See my post in Exterior for details
  15. Well the other day I got the dreaded tilt but won't slide issue with my sunroof. After doing a bit of research and head scratching I found an easy fix. Part of the mechanism consists of a small wheel that sits in a slot in the runners. There is a little rubber that sits on the end, and it would appear that over time, this loses its thickness, so when that part is pushed back, instead of the wheel riding up and over the groove, it pushed downwards, and stops the mechanism from moving back. Research would show that this usually happens on the passenger side, and was the case for me. One way to fix it, I guess, would be to find a rubber oring that is thick enough to make the resting position of the wheel a tiny bit higher. I didn't have any o-rings, but I did have some od 4.8,, id 3.0mm plastic pipe that is the perfect size to fit on the metal part and lift it up enough that it works every time. Tilt your sun roof, then gently tap back the fabric cover, lower it and push it back out of the way. Now - CAREFULLY try sliding your mech back. See if the wheel digs in. Now try a fingernail under the rear of the wheel and try again. It should lift up correctly this time. I took off the rubber bit, and cut a short piece of my plastic tubing, slipped it on and it works like a charm. Slide back the fabric cover and gently press back into place. Pics below - any questions, just ask. The piece I cut was about 5mm or so long. I do have about 1.5 meters of the pipe left, so if people need some I'm happy to post these out (just cover postage). Now - a grease question. I have some Klüber Klübersynth UH1 64-2403 silicone based grease specs: DIN EN 377 Class D DIN-DVGW-Reg.-No. NG-5162BN0547 NSF H1-registred Full data sheet here http://roghankar.com/new/statics/upload/attachments/product_731_Kluebersynth_UH1_64_2403.pdf Any good for the sunroof, or should I just buy this from the bay I can get the Klübersynth foc Many thanks Driver's side showing the little rubber end [ATTACH=CONFIG]88409[/ATTACH] Passenger side with modification [ATTACH=CONFIG]88412[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]88415[/ATTACH]
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