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  1. In the Classifieds… :)
  2. Arr… I'vr not seen one of them for 8 years or so in these parts. Pass the cider will you?
  3. I had 3 tbs on my VR6: The original one, a ported one from alpine, and one from a late model OBD1 Golf. The later had a bigger ID than both of the others, and a faster acting linkage. Just a thought...
  4. Bit late - but the pictures of the rail are now up.
  5. Based on the part number (see additional picture) - a Corrado. :) I would have either bought it here, or off eBay so aside from checking the part number did start 535 I wouldn't be interested in which specific model it came out of. The plugs at the end are the same (although that extra lead suggests daytime driving lights), it's the switches which make the big difference. HTH
  6. Yes to the £10 posted. Not sure otherwise - I no longer have the parts catalogue to look it up. Anyone?
  7. Yes to the £10 posted. Not sure otherwise - I no longer have the parts catalogue to look it up. Anyone?
  8. A new cable is furry. Grease will help. As to getting it closed: From tilt, used the winding handle. From slide, it will not close again - ever - unless the problem is with the motor. You're going to have to drop the mechanism, remove the motor and bank on replacing the 'water guide plate' as a minimum if you want it to work again. It can be closed using brute force though.
  9. I've only done one Corrado heater matrix, but the one I removed had a VW part number and was made by Valeo.
  10. The handles bolt on to the doors the same, but the shape of the handles and the location of the switches is different. Don't remember if the plugs fit, never mind reach...
  11. Okay… I'm guessing the Fabia's brakes mount differently. Having done a Corrado VR6 280mm to Golf Mk3 288mm conversion, I used the standard Golf hoses.
  12. Having done the 280-288 an 288-315 conversion, the standard Golf/A3/TT hoses work fine.
  13. Everything that fits suffers from the same problems (caused by a lack of lubrication). Look for a roof that's as late a possible, with no signs of wear on the rails (particularly the passenger side) and budget for cable and "water guide plate". Then thoroughly clean and lube before installation.
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