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  1. How you doing chap!? Trying to upload some decent pics on here,but been so long............
  2. Haha, I have had my Corrado 25 years this year & still blasting around in it!
  3. The chassis is totally the same,just remove the knobs & the red illumination plastic & swap for corrado/golf mk3 knobs
  4. A lot of clips & inserts still can be gotten on the internet (Im asking Corrado owners about these white nylon scuttle cover clips,I have the original drawings from the supplier & indeed they are the ones,only issue is I have to buy 12,000 of them which I'm not that bothered,but I just don't want to be left with 11500) Whats think?
  5. Now found the original company,12000 for £885
  6. Im breaking 1.8t cars all the time,just sold my last BAM engine loom last week,but have loads of other bits & pieces if needed?
  7. I have a brand new one with 2 year guarantee
  8. No its another company, 12,000 clips for £1320
  9. So 12,000,min order from me would be 10x clips, so thats 1200 cars worldwide
  10. Hi all, I'm trying my hardest to possibly get a batch of these scuttle cover clips made. Only slight issue is the order amount- I have to buy 12,000! Do you think there will be enough interest?
  11. wanted Corrado speedo cluster wanted,later style pls 1993 onwards,16v or vr type call or text if you could 07984559950 carl
  12. Yes I have one,still on the car at the mo,07984559950 carl
  13. Yes no problem as I'm breaking 2x 3.2 cars Text me 07984 559950
  14. Can send you a vid of the engine running,just need your email
  15. Anyone? Complete engine without lambda loom & ecu £850 or complete for now just £945
  16. Yes,its still bolted on to the engine if you want one
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