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  1. Checkpoint V3 something i out but if Rob is running tom tom 700 i think he can download checkpoint 5.0. I did it last week and its really complicated. on the pocketgpsworld site theres some good instructions but i cant find them now. you will need to download the fils and transfer them to the correct folder on your device. then as catch twotwo said, turn the poi's on
  2. do i get half a point for the make? Nice wheels by the way. :)
  3. Ahh well. One of them things really! shame it had a new clutch fitted not more than 500 miles ago! Live and learn!
  4. Is the the one at Castle Coombe?? Seriously good looking car i think. but then what do i know, i drive a mk III golf!
  5. has anyone heard about the seats from the above being fitted into a C. Might be in with a shot of them.
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