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  1. Dear community. I offer a few sets of RHD headlights for early or late models. The headlights are assembled from new, as new or reconditioned parts according to your wishes. Many different versions are possible, with and without electric headlight range control. Just tell us your wishes. The prices vary depending on the version between 800€ and 1100€ + shipping. Greetings Chris
  2. Dear Corrado friends. I have developed a new version of air intakes for the bumper. The parts basically fit all bumpers,early and late model,but late turn signals must be used. The set costs 270€. Shipping to UK costs 30€. Greetings Chris
  3. I am looking for used RHD headlights or individual parts. Primarily lenses and reflectors, condition does not matter. Regards Chris
  4. Here the new variant once in yellow and normal. Half of the turn signals is overhauled, recoated + new glasses, the other half of the turn signals is oem. Chris
  5. These lenses are not from Porsche, the parts are more familiar to you than you think.... 🙂 But the effort to grind the lenses to fit is very large. Many lenses break in the process. Therefore, I still prefer to work with the VX lenses and offer this new variant only for customers who absolutely insist on the "E" mark. Primarily German customers. Greetings Chris
  6. In addition, I have found a brand new solution for defective fog lights. Especially interesting for German corrado drivers who insist on the "E" mark. Greetings Chris
  7. After the big project of the A/C condensers, I'm back to some small parts for headlights. The goal is to be able to offer complete new headlights together with VXTuning in the future. Regards Chris
  8. The final version of the A/C condenser is ready and available. 450€ + shipping. Regards Chris
  9. I have about 20 left new lenses for RHD headlights. I would like to exchange 1 piece new for 2 used right. If anyone is interested please PM me. Greetings Chris
  10. These parts are already available from many suppliers. Whether it makes sense to manufacture these parts again?
  11. Just small news at this moment, but at least ... Right US mirror with lettering.
  12. Difficult to estimate at the moment. I think about 350 €
  13. The first prototypes are ready and have now been extensively tested again.
  14. I am currently working on some parts for original air conditioning that are no longer avilable. When these parts are ready, there are all necessary parts to retrofit an air conditioning system, at least for all LHD VR6 Corrados.
  15. Can you tell me what the problem is exactly? Regards Chris
  16. Thanks for the info Bruno. Is there any more information about this kit anywhere?
  17. Correct, but there are also a lot of LHD drivers here. Maybe someone is interested.
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