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  1. Sadly I no longer have a Corrado and am also struck down with man flu but I hope to be there as I live 5 minutes away.
  2. I just live around the corner from this. I will be coming but don't have the Corrado any more and the wife will be out in the V6 4motion so I will be on foot.
  3. how much did it set you back out of interest?
  4. Ok a while ago I wanted a few notes for this rear shelf with infinity speakers -6x9s and a 10 inch sub along with cd changer and head unit. Now the missus just needs me to move them out of the kitchen. If you can collect them from Surrey (Weybridge) by this Wednesday they are yours free, gratis and for nowt! Any takers? Pm me first come first served. Hey if you want to slip me a fiver to go towards my next couple of pints that would be great, but not necessary! Mark
  5. Sorry, I didn't get out today. Will try and do it tomorrow. It's just work being crazy!
  6. I will get a price for postage tomorrow. Was chicks at work today so didn't get a chance to pop out.
  7. Hi Jim, cheers. I should have been clearer in the ad. If I arrange shipping, i will expect more to cover the cost - I just meant I will go to the post office / courier and sort it out, to save anyone else the bother! I just wanted to get it advertised today with it being a Bank Holiday! Let me get a price for domestic shipping and you can see if you are still interested! :)
  8. Virtually brand new condition, but no longer needed. I'd like £55 for it collected, or can arrange shipping. Any takers?
  9. Hi Chaps, sorry for the delay - work has been hectic, then I cracked a tooth and had dental work done. I'm just back to the forum now! It is a Halfords one. It was £60 or £70 quid when I bought it, and is breathable. Wesley has first refusal if still interested as he posted first, but Alan I will post. However if you look on the Halfords website you will see basic car covers brand new for £36 (although not with the silvered finish). With postage mine might be £25, but it's not that much of a saving.
  10. I couldn't work out how to do multiple photos in the same post on the ipad....
  11. Panasonic CQ-DFX751N CD receiver with dot matrix display & remote control Set of in car radio connection cables - some gold plating Panasonic DP9061 multi CD changer with mount for Corrado boot (same changer as in MK4 Golfs) Acoustic shelf for Corrado with: 2x Infiniti 6x9s 1x Infiniti 10" sub I paid a fair chunk of cash for all of these items, but just need to make room now I no longer own a car to put them in! Any takers at £85 for the lot? I'd be grateful if you would collect from the Surrey area (Weybridge) because I have no easy way to ship such bulky items.
  12. Since selling the Corrado I have held onto my car cover for no good reason. It comes in a bag. It is silvered for UV protection and has cords for tying it to your alloys. I'd like £10 quid for it, collected from Weybridge, Surrey. Any takers?
  13. Digging in the garage the other day I found a now no longer available Jetex Pollen Filter, still in the cellophane. It fits under the scuttle panel and makes your air hayfever-friendly. I think it cost me a rather crackers £20 plus postage when I bought it, but I will take £14 quid for it now, posted. Anyone interested? If you have been after one of these, this might be the only one around! Please let me know in the thread. It will be done on a first come, first served basis. Payment by paypal please!
  14. Dude VR6 - I am having a nightmare with the PM system. Please can you confirm that you got my message about sending your address so I can mail out the lenses to you? I have received your funds via paypal. Thanks, Mark.P.S. I will ask the missus to post them tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest if you can send it to me tonight / tomorrow morning. :)
  15. I have a brand new pair up for sale, PM me with an offer if you want them. These are getting hard to come by!
  16. Welcome! The Beemer looks lovely. I love the Valencia orange on the 1m - excited to see progress on the E30
  17. Surprisingly no racing. I had a range rover wanting to race me in the Corrado but nothing hasin the Aston. However, I'm usually just pootling along at 60-65 in the inside lane, so most of the racers are past me before they see me! Nobody whatsoever has said anything negative about the car or been negative to me in any way. Any comments received have been positive. I think that it helps that it is British, looks good and the marque is associated with James Bond. ---------- Post added at 9:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 9:31 AM ---------- Heheh! It's a fine offer, and extremely generous, but as there was no mention of a magic tree being thrown in, I'll have to decline. Now the Bristol on the other hand....
  18. Cheers Jim, yeah the Aston is brilliant. Looks and sounds stunning, and doesn't hang around either. It was the only car I liked as much as / more than 'rado but I don't look back at it in the car park any more than I did the Corrado. I miss the VW scene. It's a good job my missus inherited my v6 4mo so I can still get a bit of V6 action now and again.
  19. I know some of you will have no sympathy for me but I'm missing the VR6! Some day I will be in a position to buy back my old car or get another good example, but I've already started getting a parts list going in my head!
  20. I need to make room - I've already given one set of wheels away, but I need a return on these - my gorgeous polished 15" Speedlines. There's about 5mm tread to those wear bar things on the tyres so loads of life left, on VERY nice tyres. Anyone got £220 quid for 4 wheels and 4 very good tyres? Or make me an offer :)
  21. OK, since getting the Aston Martin I've decided I don't want to hurry into selling my Corrado. If I had room, I'd keep it. So on that basis, I decided I'd like to see how much storage costs. What's my car worth? may be £2500k? I'd rather keep the car than have the money - but only if I can find somewhere cheap to keep it! I live in the Southeast (although I could store it near family in Newcastle Upon Tyne or Stockport). Any ideas?
  22. Thanks guys - I'm loving the Aston! It's a fine example. I'm definitely noticing more fit women giving me the thumbs up now than in the Corrado. Somehow though it never feels quite as fulfilling as the knowing knod from someone who appreciates the Corrado though!
  23. It's hard to change a habit developed over the past 10 years though - it's automatic for me. Now I need to make use of the gym membership and get fit again - I thought the Corrado was tough to climb out of, but this is even lower, and my knees aren't what they were! I'll definitely still want to attend Corrado events. I'm also keen to see about the cost of storage for the Corrado. If I had room, I'd keep the Corrado for sure, and it seems a shame to sell it if I can find somewhere to store it for a reasonable cost. But if I can't sort that in a month, it will have to go!
  24. Thank Jim, I thoroughly enjoyed driving it yesterday - it looks gorgeous, sounds gorgeous, and yet is refined and comfy too (we did 200 miles in it yesterday). Despite getting three chufties in my first day of ownership (including two rather pretty girls) I'm feeling a sense of loss from not being in the VW "club" much longer. Yesterday I saw various campers, golfs, and polos which I'd normally give the thumbs up to, and still did yesterday but (understandably) got some very blank and confused looks Today I was in the Aston and gave a thumbs up to a bloke in a DB9 - and got nothing :( Having said that, my missus has inherited my V6 4mo which we have no plans to replace and I'll still be buying PVW. ---------- Post added at 3:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 3:47 PM ---------- Thanks Kip. I now need to learn about proper detailing - fast ! so I can keep it looking nice and protected.
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