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  1. I tried them when mine went last year they don't do a kit for the abs one I ended up finding a second hand one
  2. I could do with just the outer seal as I knackered mine trying to fit it after spraying my car, so you could recoup some of the money if you bought the full kit and sold the outer seal to me?
  3. The lupo gti ones you want two drivers side arms and blades and are a straight fit http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?69-Lupo-GTi-front-wiper-conversion-See-Page-23!!!-for-update Think with the tt ones it's two drivers arms and blades but you have to do some work with a dremel http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?26056-TT-Wipers-(arms-amp-blades) I used a pair of tt ones but if you do this the passenger arm needs chopping down as it's too long which is why most people go for two drivers arms
  4. Welcome mate I live just up the road in kendal The lupo/tt wipers is a must for being able to see properly especially with the amount of rain we get up our way, I made a set on the cheap for my wifes corrado which gets used daily from a set of real early tt arms I cut a section out of the passenger side arm and then welded it back together to make it fit the corrado screen , work a treat but dont look quite as nice as later tt/ lupo ones
  5. Few pictures still needs a good flat an polish an some bits sorting but felt good driving it again
  6. Thanks for the nice comment the car is now on the road again was a lot of hard work spraying it myself not sure I would do another or that the wife would allow me as it took up a lot of my time! The gearbox I washed with gunk then attacked it with a selection of different wire wheels took some time/effort but I think worth it
  7. Sorry mate only just seen this comment! It has two slimline fans on a standard rad
  8. Hi Jon is there plastic for both doors and buytle tape if so I'll take them please
  9. I'm on android so possibly only on that platform
  10. Cheers and a app called direct upload image sharer, you go to the gallery on your phone share the image with the app then select forum bb code image and it puts the img code on your clipboard you then just select them to post, I'm sure I have made it sound harder than it actually is
  11. So not posted for a bit but been busy with the car still got engine back in with everything painted brackets abs unit etc etc rewrapped the loom new brake lines Then I have been on with painting the rest of the car got stuck on the main body of it as kept getting reactions in the paint but I'm getting there now just the boot doors and bumpers left to do and reassemble then back on the road easy peasy lol hopefully get some use before they start salting the roads Only on the last picture I have flatted the clear coat and once over with polisher other pics are in basecoat or before cutting and polishing
  12. I still have a look in here most days but I'm not a big poster I just enjoy lurking! As others have said I hope this forum does not go the same way as edition as it holds a wealth of knowledge not only with the old content but the clued up members I did find a app for uploading pics I shall update my members gallery and see if it works
  13. I asked on a corrado facebook group and some e said there was some being made soon, but now I can't find the post saying who was Making them, dam facebook
  14. Cheers seen those on my search travels be too costly for me especially with shipping costs I did also find some people in the states use ford cougar ones with a bit of modification but not really any of them about over here anyone found any models over here we can use/mod to fit? I do have one drivers one left on a door off my old car that was new when that got painted but that was over ten year ago and it's been sat in a garden under a tarp so can't see it just sliding off!
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