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  1. Do you still have the Tumblers/Wafers? I am after just ONE #2 CCFN Bunny
  2. I'll take the Front L & R indicator units please just let us know payment details Bunny
  3. Chris Put me down for a set please Bunny
  4. Hi Matt, Is there a switch available? Regards Bunny
  5. Mine has turned UP also, Spotty Dog ~ Cheers Zak CCFN Bunny
  6. I'm up for the improve connection arrangement and PM sent Cheers Bunny
  7. Just got home, and mine has been here some time and is Spotty Dog ;-) Many Thanks
  8. Just ordered a set, be mad NOT to have a pair, nice work people...!
  9. Gutted, Just found this thread and would be up for ONE. Keep us posted if anything changes. Good Luck in Oz Steve CCFN Bunny
  10. Hi Chap, Can you confirm the Servo has the 'Pedal sensor' on it, if so I'll take the lot just need payment details. Cheers
  11. Hi Chap, Is the VR6 Brake servo 'with ABS'? If so I am interested just let us know a price ALL In. CCFN Bunny
  12. Yet another big shout for Andy at Trim Wizard, Cobra alarm and immombiser fitted. Really nice bloke, who as stated knows his Corrado's, really pleased with the fitment and service. I can't recommend highly enough worth the travel down to get Job done. Thanks Andy
  13. Payment Sent ;-) Many Thanks Bunny
  14. Put me down for one as well, Please
  15. Steve, A set of VR6 with NO LOGO for me, Please & Thank you! Bunny
  16. I'm IN, please send payment details Bunny
  17. Hi Matt, Any left.....? If so I would like a couple..! Cheers Bunny
  18. bunnyix

    Little help

    Spot ON...:-) Just need details of payment My Man, or a number OR BOTH
  19. bunnyix

    Little help

    @ pbradley98 = If you have a plastic outer casing please let me know how much as Stealer item incorrect ;-( Thanks Bunny
  20. bunnyix

    Little help

    Off to the Stealers tomorrow, Wednesday I may get back to you Pbradley ;-)
  21. bunnyix

    Little help

    Oh well not as easy as I thought by the look of it or more difficult...!
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