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  1. Ooops sorry about that Jan, just popped in to see whether you had fitted that box I built so long ago. Guess I must of dropped the ball at the last minute. Don't worry though I definitely gave all the case bolt that extra quarter turn as per the bentley manual. Btw I always found the diesel tower with weight and bracket gave a much better shifting feel than the old G60 item, but that could of been due to age. EDIT: Ahh I remember now! I left the fifth gear bolts just as tight as I could get them with the intention of tightening them fully once the box was fitted as it's pretty hard to keep the gear box still when your trying to torque them bolts up fully. Sorry I must of forgotten to tell you that. Sorry mate.
  2. Saml £5 posted is fine all the bits are there I will check before posting out. h6vwc, afraid they went a long time a go could of sold 20 sets of them! I assume they are no longer available from the dealer. I bought a new dealer one 4 years ago and it cost about £50 iirc.
  3. windows scraper seals are gone but the boost gauge is still available. Gauge is new but opened.
  4. I think it was on about 130,000 miles, burnt no oil, has no lip to the bore, no detonation damage to the pistons and the crank keyway is good. It is a solid engine and was only removed to replace with a larger 2lt unit. It last trip out was a round trip to the Nürburg Ring of about 1200 miles before removal. Cheers Chris
  5. Yes I do, can do them both delivered for £19.
  6. Sorry missed your reply to the thread, no I don't have those bits. Good luck. Chris
  7. If you send me £5 I'll send you the bracket or can refund. Cheers Chris
  8. Wow they took there time deliverying that! Sorry. I never noticed it was torn. Do you want a refund? Regards Chris
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