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  1. Please if anyone can help or advise what to do next. I have a G60 currently sitting on my mechanics rap with no rack and subframe on it. I order a reconditioned part from a company that said it would fit....it doesn't. I have a 36 spline(as mk2 golf) and the new one is 22 (as the vr6/ MK3 golf) as far as I am aware. Can anyone tell me whether I can get hold of a mk3 universal joint if it will fit or any other suggestions Thanks Andy
  2. It's a J reg grey G60, pretty much standard apart from a few choice Ripspeed add ons that I am binning as I go along.
  3. Hi All, Back end of last year I bought a Corrado g60 after wanting one since I was old enough to drive. I've got it back on the road and now want to start bring it back to some sort of 'former glory'. Have a few issues like with all old Volkswagens Firstly the window rattle which I believe is due to to worn regulator rollers, I have messaged the guy on here ear who sells them my but not yet heard back( fingers crossed). Secondly I have had a a jetex stainless steel exhaust fitted and it knocks on the rear beam anyone else suffered with this? And finally for now has anyone got a standard gear knob for sale or know where there might be one I know forum traffic is nothing like it was 15 years ago when I lost many evening's reading and writing posts about these money pit volkswagen's but any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
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