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  1. Welcome! That looks really neat! Good link resources. Gonna pass this to uncle later when we finished installing the rack and bed cover from 4Wheelonline onto his pick-up truck project.
  2. MackDM

    Back again

    That's one neat looking Corrado, Andy! Nice MK2
  3. Great to hear changing the sensor clears the ABS light. We'll work on buddy's Corrado project after we finished installing the rack and bakflip cover on the truck this week. The Corrado is flashing the abs light and needs an alignment.
  4. MackDM


    Man, you got beautiful rides there!
  5. Good info on the fix. Good future reference.
  6. Hey, all! We'll be checking this Corrado VR6 soon and might take in as the next project. She needs some TLC so I might some questions. I'll be reading around.
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