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  1. Hi guys, I have an R32 motor in my car, originally a 16v. I put the VR6 radiator in it which has meant I need a new bonnet stay. The 16v bonnet stay fouls on the top hose elbow that goes into the top of the radiator. Am I correct in thinking I need a VR6 bonnet stay? Could anyone please confirm and if possible post a pic of the VR6 bonnet stay they're using? I'm in New Zealand so want to make sure I only buy one and get it right the first time!! Cheers
  2. VeeDub_NZ

    Odd parts WTB

    You guys are a bunch of legends! I've had someone PM me who has all the parts i'm after. I'm thinking they could probably go in a cardboard poster tube and be sent that way? If it doesn't work out with this guy I would love to take you up on the offer of getting them together and sending all at once Ian/Chris. Thanks heaps guys i'll keep you posted!!
  3. VeeDub_NZ

    Odd parts WTB

    Yes please mate that would be great!
  4. VeeDub_NZ

    Odd parts WTB

    Thanks mate, I'm after the interior door handles and surrounds. I put a late interior into my early car but the interior door handles & surrounds are a different shape so don't work with the late door cards. Like these in link below, but the late version: http://www.ebay.com/itm/19183722501C-Front-or-Rear-Left-New-Door-Handle-VW-Black-Driver-Side-LH-Hand-/361511916396?fits=Make%3AVolkswagen%7CModel%3ACorrado&hash=item542bca136c:g:t~oAAOSwgZ1XrzZE&vxp=mtr
  5. VeeDub_NZ

    Odd parts WTB

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can help, i'm after a few odd parts: VR6 bonnet stay Drivers side interior door trim that door card tucks into at the top (Black plastic full length of door). LATE Interior door handles (both sides), not the door pulls but the actual handle and surround that you use to open the door. I am in New Zealand so looking for someone willing to send to me here. Cheers Tristan
  6. Hi Tom, I'm happy with that. Please PM your paypal details and total cost including track & trace and i'll send it straight through. Thanks for helping me out!!
  7. Awesome thank you! Still looking for the looms if anyone has any :)
  8. VeeDub_NZ

    Late door looms

    Hi guys, I have gone from an early to a late interior. As far as I'm aware it's the late door looms that I need to get the window & mirror switches working. Can anybody help me out with these? Please feel free to add any tips if you've done this before & if there's anything else I need!! I am in New Zealand so would need to be able to send them here. Cheers
  9. PM sent. Individual coil packs on top.
  10. Yep, been sitting in the drawer. PM if interested.
  11. I'm after the actual grab handle part that you pull the door closed with and has the mirror adjustment on it, not the open/close handle. Thanks though.
  12. Do you have any interior door grab handles late spec? Not the lever handle, the grab handle with mirror control etc. Need both sides.
  13. Hi, do you have any late spec interior door handles? Cheers
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