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  1. I also have VR6 Engines which will be going on soon, one stripped and one complete. AAA AND ABV. Then when I've moved all my Corrado related items will be going up for sale to forum members first.
  2. Removed from my VR6 Storm, in great shape and undamaged condition. I bought a replacement to have trimmed and kept the original. Moving house in a few weeks time so needs a new home. It's in my loft wrapped up but will be clearing that out soon and will snap some pictures but it's in perfect condition.
  3. Thanks for that young sir, hope to see her soon and see how the interior is looking lol
  4. Maybe a little buddy, just curious as to how she was doing. Hope all is well with you chief
  5. Hi all, hope all are well. Just wondering if anyone knows if my old Storm is still on this forum? Had a brief check but couldn't find her. Be nice to see how she's doing. Rams
  6. 75 pounds plus delivery and including the spacer washers
  7. Rams

    Obd2 wiring loom

    Will do, its all boxed and ready to post. Will send tomorrow. Cheers Ramsay
  8. Rams

    Obd2 wiring loom

    Yes - it was the first one we installed. Also the wiring on the loom may be ok and it could have been my Corrado wiring and the work you need to do with the wires to make the aux pump work correctly. At the time I posted up the work and the loom etc if you wanted to look back through.
  9. Rams

    Obd2 wiring loom

    Its [email protected] - will collect today from storage and get it wrapped up to send. Cheers
  10. Rams

    Obd2 wiring loom

    Ok, fair point, £50 delivered. It is quite heavy and can send second class. Assuming you are not in a desperate hurry?
  11. Rams

    Obd2 wiring loom

    £55- recorded first class sound good
  12. Forsale £100 plus delivery for callipers and carriers and new seal kit. Have new carrier bolts and the 6 mm spacer washers if you are going to use 312mm discs. All blasted and black wet painted 288/312 callipers and carriers to suit.
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