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  1. hi, and yes. It could be interesting if you can open the cracked casing and just send me the peloquin with the crown gear, that makes the 9.94 final gear ratio. There is no use for the rest, the whining could have been repaired but not with a cracked casing. if you can do that i am sure we can find an deal.
  2. So as the title say, I am looking for a used vr6 gearbox that was rebuilt with an LSD, and if it had a short final gear ratio (3.68) it would be great, but it's not mandatory. Thanks a million in advanced.
  3. Sunroof is not that common over here, and the ones that do have, most have updated to the glass version from Passat. that wide body may not be to the taste of everyone, me one of them, but i have seen it in person, i was there at those two meets, and follow the build thread and it was well build.
  4. Sorry but that is not right AG is coilpack and so is CP with the extras mentioned. Dizzy ecus are 258A, 258B, and probably 258AB and other single letters, but AG is definitely coil pack
  5. For your information, and everbodies for that matter, 034 Motorsport in the US make an adapter plate. Follow the rabit, or link, or click or...whatever :) http://store.034motorsport.com/products/engine-components/vw-vr6/throttle-body-adapter-obd1-vr6-to-obd2-vr6-tb.html
  6. Hello. I am looking for a complete obd2 loom in good state to be installed in my corrado. Not interested in looms that need to be fully refurbished. Need to be posted to Spain. Thanks in advance, and crossing my fingers.
  7. you guys have a bunch of Spanish corrados lurking around here. I don't connect as much as i did but still come in every now and then to check if the old school modded corrados are still around and playing hard. cheers
  8. i am going to try to give you a different view and hopefully not bised. I am from Spain and there is a couple of english guys in this forum living in Spain, in the Alicante Region. FlareRacing and Diesel Junior. They should be able to give you good direct input. This is a very good moment to buy property in Spain. The prices have plummeted for the last 4 yrs and you can find very good properety for cheap. At time of crisis is the best time to invest if you have the money. The advice of buying something already built is very very true. Renting is also a very good option. Again prices are cheap and you can find houses / apartments all over the place. The bigguest issue with buying is that if you can not pay the house at once and you stop paying the mortage, with the spanish law in hand, the bank would reposses the house and you would still owe the money to the bank. but the best advicve is to NOT buy or rent enything from the internet because you are probably bound to be surprised or a very hefty commision to someone for very little work. In terms of where to buy, my suggestion is to look in Malaga region or in the Alicante Region. The scenary is beautifull, communcations are very good and prices faily cheap. People that has lost a lot of money is the people that invested heavily in property and lost money due to the depreciation of the land, and if you loose the job you are in big problems, but that can occur anywhere, not only in Spain. The local problem is unemployment but since that issue does not apply then no need to comment anyfurther.
  9. i have been researching this for some time and yet i havent seen no clear answers about my question. I see more questions than answers and none is definetive as, I did that and it takes this and that. Nevertheless for all of you in the UK, i have realized that the AGK box of the euro Vr6 with a 3.68 FD is just the same as the CGY box from a 2.0 16v engine. So i think is simpler and cheaper to remove all the internals from the 9A box and swap it into the bell housing of the Vr6. Is for your information in case is valuable to anyone wanting to do a 3.68 upgrade. Cheers
  10. sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but i broke my clutch so it's the perfect time to tune/massage the box. Do any one know if swapping an AGZ box in a VR6 requires any custom work? (driveshafts, mounts, selector, etc..) Thanks in advance
  11. can you send me pictures of the VGI to see the current state of the manifold? Thanks
  12. No ofense taken but.... we don't sleep siestas anymore, bullfighting is being banned as we speak in some regions, and tomatoes are being eaten instead of thrown because of the crisis. They changed the modifying law out here as well last year, apparently to synch with european laws. Now we can't even change the rim size without re-homologating the vehicle. let alone install the supercharger that is now decorating my living room because it is illegal to fit it. It is impossible to fit parts that do not have some EU approval for that car so my techtonics exhaust is impossible to legalize. Upgrading to 12.3 inch brakes requires the approval of VW and the homologation of the parts in the new vehicle. In the end is all money. they want to squeeze our wallets for everything we got. And looks like you guys are going in the same direction. if you can, make your selves heard before the law is passed and there is nothing you can do.
  13. Adding information to the thread; There is also something that no one ever mentions regarding the VSR. The position of the TB is very different of the OEM or even how the Schrick fits. The TB inlet is turned to the left and downwards compared to the OEM. If you are using the stock Corrado airbox, this will cause the flextube to be a tight and bend the tube will most likely be pinched, thus causing a bad disruption in the airflow. The PCV will most likely have the same issue and maybe it will need to be remade with custom rubber tubing. Good news is that easy fix is to use an open filter and let that sit wherever the flexy tube and MAF wants.
  14. that sounds fair to me. I sent you a PM to get the details worked out for the shipping. Thanks a lot. Cheers.
  15. would you be willing to remove the discs and braided lines from the kit for a discount and easiness of shipping?
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